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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

July 11, 2013

What is it about truth and politics that don't mix?

Former President George Bush pressed for immigration reform and resounded the tired cliché   "We are a nation of immigrants" to excuse irrational immigration policy.

Are we a nation of immigrants?

I suppose. Anthropologists claim Asians immigrated to this continent thousands of years ago. Others say Europeans made their home here before that.

Immigration reform, or
amnesty, will be to
America what the
atomic bomb was
to Nagasaki.
There will be
no reconstruction.
How that excuses irrational immigration policy transcends rational thinking.

We are also a nation of people with noses. Therefore, we should open our borders to everyone with a nose? Again, the logic escapes common sense.

Taken to the irreducible extreme, there is a point in time and geography where the first human life originated. Anyone who lives beyond that intersection of longitude and latitude could be consider an immigrant. We are not merely a nation of immigrants, we are a world of immigrants.

The point is the point is pointless.

Mr. Bush is simply wrong. We are not a nation of immigrants. I immigrated from nowhere. I am native born. Most white Americans make that same claim.

I am not an immigrant. My ancestor came to this continent in 1700, farmed in Virginia and beget a family history that meshed into the fabric of our nation. Coupling free markets with European ingenuity that was unencumbered by the restrictions of an imperial government, these native-born Americans welcomed immigrants who shared their vision and propensity to prosper. The net result was an explosion in technology that has enhanced the lives of every single citizen of the world, regardless of race, creed, or color.

That formula worked until 1965 when the Immigration and Nationality Act was made law.

Before 1965 hungry masses yearning to breath free were welcomed to America, providing they met reasonable criteria, could contribute to the welfare of the national commonwealth, and were willing to assimilate.

Our current de facto policy has a less stringent requirement: Immigrants are not required to assimilate, learn English, or even learn the Pledge of Allegiance. The sole criteria for becoming a citizen is the ability to hop a fence.

We are no longer a nation united, but a nation divided. And diversity, they say, is our strength. I fail to see how encouraging immigrants to retain their native language and imposing it on the rest of us is strength. Rather, it's confusing. Diversity and confusion is the intent. Add economic woes, shortage of full-time employment, and government mandates that prohibit us from forging our own health care and retirement, and you have a population that is government dependent.

It's by design.

What drives this insane policy is not the welfare of the new immigrants and certainly not the welfare of the nation. The driving factor is the desire to enroll more liberal Democrats as voters and allow the left to subjugate us to their Marxist agenda. George Bush is complicit.

The strategy is working and, as far as I can determine, is not reversible. Immigration reform, or amnesty, will be to America what the atomic bomb was to Nagasaki. There will be no reconstruction.

It is predictable that, in time, web sites like the one you are currently reading, will defy their leftist's moral code of Internet standards, be deemed 'hate speech', and forever banned.

Read while you can and make copies for your progeny. Just be mindful that it will be contraband.

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  1. Actually, Bush's statement that we are a "nation of immigrants" proves my long-held contention that Bush isn't just a liberal, but not even an American, which is an ethnicity he denies the very existence of.

    This country actually has two white cultural ethnicities: A northern culture based upon Puritans and Quakers; and a Southern culture based upon Cavaliers and Scots-Irish. In other words, culturally, America is an Anglo-Protestant nation culturally, though not racially--at least no anymore.

    But there is a certain sick logic to Bush's thinking. At the same time we were an ethnic nation like any other, we we also a liberal nation with certain universalist ideals. This is what Ralph Waldo Emerson called "double consciousness", and it permeates all American thinking until the 1960's, when our ethnicity went down the memory hole. Liberalism won.

    The old TV show the Beverly Hillbillies was a form of psychological ethnic warfare against the old WASP ethnic elites. A few years later, All in the Family was produced as a form of psychological warfare against average ethnic Americans. The irony is that things now have gotten so bad with our denial as a people--and by the very same leaders charged with representing our interests--that I long for these old TV shows as the good old days. Back then, Americans may have been reviled, but the hostile elites were still willing to admit we exist.


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