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July 7, 2013

Reality hurts. That's why we ignore it. And, for added insulation, we punish those who refuse to bury their heads in the sands of political correctness by sliming them with hateful labels like racist, bigot, and white supremacist.

Cassandra Struve was the victim of a
black-on-white attack. Personal Jim Crow
avoidance strategies help protect whites
from black violence.
But when the name calling is done, the pain of reality still remains. We can't make the hurt go away by ignoring it. We can only make it go away by changing the reality that causes it.

A case in point is a recent racial assault in Milwaukee. Cassandra Struve plays her saxophone outside the Summerfest in that city. Recently she was playing her sax as patrons left the park when a black woman began punching her. The 41-year-old attacker was charged with assault and battery. Her two younger black companions, aged 14 and 24, were cited with disorderly conduct.

The black attackers were apparently upset that a white woman would dare play a 'black' song, and the older of the three didn't mind stating her sentiments. To place this in perspective, imagine the national fall out were three white women to attack a black musician for playing bluegrass on a fiddle!

Besides pain and suffering, Struve is also facing medical bills. After the attack she was treated at a local hospital where she was given a CT SCAN. She has no health insurance and can't afford to pay the health-care cost imposed by her attacker.

• Confronting reality

On a positive note, Struve seems to be cured of the 'head-in-sand' disorder that plagues most Americans. The culture shock of encountering real black people is often a traumatic experience in and of itself. Struve was cited as stating, “I got preyed on purely because I’m white, purely because of my race and it shouldn’t be.”

Most white people live in a Disney Land perception of black America. They are wholly unaware of the coarse violence and depraved mentality that prevails in black communities. They erroneously suppose that most blacks are much like those seen on television commercials or on the big screen in movie theaters. Indeed, some blacks do fit that profile of dignity. However, presuming that is the norm is an invitation to the emergency room or worse.

• Protecting you and your family

There was once a time in America when white people protected themselves from black violence. By implementing Jim Crow initiatives, whites were able to keep a safe distance from violent blacks like those who attacked Struve. Jim Crow still exists, but only when white people apply it individually does it take effect. Whites must learn to avoid blacks, even in public places such as parks.

Creating a Jim Crow barrier between your family and blacks can save you and your loved ones pain, suffering and even death. It is not white racism to create a Jim Crow barrier. Rather, it is a reasonable response to black racism.

• What to do

If you find yourself in a hostile environment such as a park, shopping mall, fair, etc., there are some things you can do.

1. Avoid crowds of young blacks. Violent black teens are emboldened by their numbers are have for decades prided themselves in attacking white people. It is almost a right of passage for black teens to brag about assaulting white people. It is a status symbol to be seen attacking whites.

2. Avoid restrooms. Young black males, in particular, like to congregate in restrooms where they feel in total control and out of sight of authorities. Open the restroom door wide enough to see who is occupying that space. If you see blacks, it is better to have an embarrassing "accident" than to take a trip in an ambulance to the emergency room, or worse.

3. Don't assume older blacks are mature or that black women are not violent. Note that Struve's alleged attacker was a 41-year-old woman who appeared to be teaching younger generations that attacking innocent white people is fair game.

4. Blacks nearly always attack individuals or smaller groups of whites. When I was a child, I often heard the cliche, "Two against one is n****r fun." Had the 41-year-old woman been alone, she would not have attacked her victim. Do not assume blacks will not attack the elderly or children. They attack white people for sport and prefer weaker, vulnerable victims.

5. If a crowd of blacks is between you and your destination, change your route or wait until they are gone. Suppose a mob of black teens are occupying the sidewalk between you and your vehicle. Your options are to take a different route to your car, or wait until the crowd moves (they seldom simply disperse.)

6. Keep in mind that blacks expect you to fear them. If they sense you are not adequately displaying fear in your eyes, they may be compelled to 'initiate' you with a violent assault. Also keep in mind the objective is not to avoid the 'racist' label, it is to avoid being bodily injured by accepting reality. Open-minded white people who wish to display their lack of racism are frequent visitors to emergency rooms.

7. Consider wearing a hidden body cam. Black thugs know they are difficult to identify. A hidden body cam, if not broken or stolen in the assault, may help  you later identify them. Here is an actual example of a body cam in use.

8. Avoidance is preferred to self defense. Consider the outcome of Bernhard Goetz and George Zimmerman.

9. Purge your white guilt on me, not by wading through a crowd of blacks. If you feel the urge to purge your mind of white guilt, please use the comment section below. Feel free to yell at me. Call me a racist, bigot, or whatever gives you that feeling of moral superiority. I know it isn't true. You know it isn't true. But if it makes you feel better, have it.

10. Travel in groups whenever possible and stay with your group. As noted above, violent blacks prey on the weak. The larger your group, the less likely you will be attacked. Had Struve been accompanied by four or more companions, she likely would not have been attacked. While groups of four or more whites may discourage attacks by three blacks, they will do little to discourage attacks from larger groups of blacks. The size of your companions will also contribute to deterring black assaults.

11. Know the profile of violent blacks. A study published by the late psychologist Arthur Jensen concluded that most violent crime is committed by individuals with IQs between 70 and 90. While attire may suggest the intelligence of a potential attacker, it is not always a dependable indicator. Black males are more likely to commit violent crime than black women, though there are many exceptions as the subject of this post. Most violent crime is committed by individuals between the ages of 18 and 49. Again, there are notable exceptions. The rule of the thumb is: "If they are black, stay away." The obvious exceptions would be blacks you know personally.

This is not to suggest you should hate blacks and it certainly is not a call to violence. Rather, it is a call to except reality as it is. Keep in mind that, while there are a large number of blacks who do not attack white people, there are very few who openly discourage black-and-white attacks and condemn them.

36 year old Joshua Chellew was attacked by three black males last week as he walked alone at 1 a.m. His attackers beat him without mercy, then pushed him into the road where he was immediately struck and killed by an on-coming vehicle. Chellew should have known to avoid black males. Here's the news story ►

A crowd of quiet white celebrants was making its way to Chicago's annual July 4th celebration when  confronted by a crowd or rowdy blacks. Here's the outcome ►

Victim of brutal black-on-white gang attack learned
the brutal realities of race and the folly of
political correctness. 
Carter Strange was set upon by a gang of eight black males. The youngest attacker was eight. Carter offered his first interview recently on the Today Show. [Read article here]. While such interviews accommodate political correctness by tactfully ignoring the racial elements of such brutal assaults, the reality boils to the surface like a geyser.

White Americans have two choices: We can accommodate political correctness and suffer like-long injuries (or death) or we can risk being labeled 'racists' by avoiding blacks whenever possible.

Hundreds of black-on-white attacks happen daily across America. The media prefer to focus on the few occasions when whites successfully defend themselves, then spin those instances to appear as white-on-black attacks. The George Zimmerman trial is one such example.

Click here to review a partial list of elderly whites who were victims of black-on-white violence. Many died. 

Above: A white clerk is beaten by an alleged black shoplifter at a mall near Pittsburgh in 2012. Such crazed black-on-white assaults are routine and demand white people apply personal Jim Crow avoidance strategies to protect themselves from serious bodily injury.

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  1. This sounds a lot like John Derbyshire's article "The Talk" that got him in so much trouble.

  2. I came from what I call a segmented family.
    Myself being the oldest of four, my two youngest siblings were children of my stepfather, who hated us; the older two.
    The younger two could do no wrong, were given a pass on punishment while my brother and I were beaten for the slightest offense, were constantly verbally and emotionally abused.
    The younger two were aware of their immunity and used it all the time.
    Blacks are the Favored children of the American family. They are raised on the lies of institutional racism and Jim Crow and are never held accountable for their racist behavior, rather they are given a pass and we are taught it is because of Slavery, and White oppression.
    A bigger load of nonsense I have never heard.
    Blacks living in Africa are the oldest race on the planet, with more generations on this world than any other people; yet it was Caucasians who invented every modern convenience and fundamental element of Modern civilization and civilized life.
    Telling, that.

    1. Needed is emphasis on white appreciation.

  3. Note that none of the blacks blabbering, "You got to let her go", ever tried to stop the black sheboon.


  4. To the author and your white racist bastards
    Kill yourself.
    Your continued existence is poison to the rest of the human species. There is absolutely nothing you can do in your life that will not result in bringing more misery to bear against the world.
    Nothing, that is, except killing yourself.
    You, yourself, are a virus. You infect everything around you that you can, and make everything you infect part of yourself. You impart the ability to spread yourself to everything you touch. You may not feel like a virus, nor might you even feel yourself to be harmful. Nevertheless, you are. The most noble and respectable thing you can do is cease to exist.
    You might be amused, or possibly annoyed by this suggestion. That's your narcissism talking back to you. It seeks to help you preserve yourself. Like any organism, your only purpose is to survive and propagate. It will be very difficult for you to see that the morally right thing to do is to kill yourself.
    But you must.