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July 29, 2013

First, my congratulations to Canada's CBC News for referring to this mob assault as "swarming" and "an attack."

The headline read, "20 young men kick, punch group in Dartmouth swarming."

The Media in the U.S.A. generally refer to such attacks as "fights" to make it appear the the victims and their attackers were equally to blame.

One such mob attack occurred in Georgia where Joshua Heath Chellew was assaulted by four black males at a Chevron gas station. Like the attack mentioned above, the mob appeared to select Chellew as a random victim merely because he was white. Chellew was severely beaten, then forced into oncoming traffic where he was killed. That attack occurred in June of this year.

The Associated Press shamefully reported Chellew's murder as a fight that spilled into the street.

The attack reported by CBC News occurred in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A group of about 20 black males overwhelmed four men, beating one so severely that he required hospitalization.

Although mob attacks are not commonly reported by the national mainstream media in the United States, they are, however, extremely common. White-on-black mob attacks are virtually unheard of with the notable exception of historical accounts largely concocted in the minds of history revisionists who omit essential details, such as provocation.

Just within recent days we've become aware of four additional reports from local media:

• On July 21st in Baltimore a black mob attacked a man, apparently for sport.  The mob consisted of 10 to 15 black males, all in their teens. Four were arrested, the youngest being fourteen years old. (See video below.)

• On July 14th in Milwaukee a black mob attacked a 34-year-old white man named Christopher.

• On June 25th, a family in Niagara Falls was attacked in a park by a black mob of ten to fifteen.

• On June 25th a small white teen was attack outside a recreation center by a group of older and larger black teens. After being beaten to the side walk, one of the attacker repeatedly kicked the boy's head into the concrete. The attack was captured on video.

The similarities between these six mob attacks and thousands of other like them is incredible. Groups of young black males seek out non-blacks for violent group assaults that nearly always include severe beating, kicking, and stomping. The attackers have no empathy for their victims. Conversely, such attacks captured on video show the attackers expressing delight as they laugh at their victim's demise. Perhaps the most infamous of such videos is the attack of trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

Matthew Owens was a victim of a black mob attack in 2012.
He was hospitalized in critical condition.
Those similarities coupled with the diverse locations, one could be inclined to believe they were somehow centrally planned and executed. One attack occurred in Canada where the black population is considerably smaller than in the United States. All were black mobs that attacked white victims apparently for sport. It's hard to believe they are coincidental, but they are.

The phenomenon of roving black mobs overwhelming unsuspecting white people appears to be rooted in an inbred genetic trait. That's not to say that all black males are inclined to mob violence. It is to observe that such violence is almost uniquely black and is extremely common. Consider the above attacks were widespread, spanning from the deep South, to Canada. Obviously, the attackers in Canada had no communication with those in Georgia.

No other ethnic group is known to commit such frequent racially motivated mob attacks.

If such behavior were not genetically predisposed, we would expect multiple generations of exposure to white culture and behavioral norms to have made a substantial impression on black culture. Violent mob violence would have long since disappeared. The fact that such behavior remains a significant part of black culture in spite of the strong impression of Western civilization strongly argues in favor of genetic predisposition.

Such violence has been epidemic in America for generations. Abraham Lincoln even mentions such an attack in his autobiography. At the age of 19, Lincoln and a companion were attacked by a mob of seven blacks.

If this behavior is genetic, the common suggestions that stronger families and more economic opportunities will alleviate the problem, fall silent. The epidemic of black mob violence cannot be controlled or even contained until we have the courage to set aside politically correct denial and boldly confront the problem directly.

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