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July 6, 2013

Somebody's lying. And it really isn't difficult to figure out who. The parents of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman flatly contradict each other about whose cries for help were heard on the 911 call made by one of the residents in the gated community in Sanford, Florida, in February 2012. Each set of parents claims it was their own son who is heard doing the shouting for help.

Every witness who got close enough to see which man was on the bottom says it was George Zimmerman, and it's the man on the bottom, getting hit by the man on the top, who is most likely to be calling for help.

George Zimmerman had rain dampness on his back after the fight. The photograph of Trayvon Martin shows rain dampness along the shin area of his jeans, on the front side of his pants. What does that tell you? It tells you the same thing those witnesses did: Zimmerman was on the bottom, and Martin was on the top.

George Zimmerman had a bloody, broken nose and gashes on the back of his head, and his account of how he got those injuries is very believable. Trayvon Martin hit Zimmerman in the face, knocking him on his back, and then sat astraddle Zimmerman and started bashing his head into the concrete sidewalk.

The parents of George Zimmerman are telling the truth. The parents of Trayvon Martin are lying, lying under oath, committing new crimes with every false word they speak. They are doing their damnedest to send an innocent man to prison so that they can continue to play the victim role and keep their dishonest money rolling in.

I've noticed a possible act of bias by the court against the defense. George Zimmerman's parents were at one point removed from the courtroom because of the possibility that they might be called to testify at some future point during the trial. However, although Trayvon Martin's mother testified during the trial, she wasn't required to absent herself from the parts of the trial leading up to her testimony. This appears to give an unfair advantage to the prosecution, which they could possibly abuse by informing Sybrina Fulton about efficacious ways in which to lie.

And what I can see of the photographic evidence made at the scene of the shooting, Ms. Fulton is indeed lying about hearing her son Trayvon screaming for help. As witness John Good pointed out, when two men are fighting, and one is flat on his back with the other on top of him, then it is the man on the bottom who is most likely to be calling for help. Since the man on the top is in the more advantageous position, he wouldn't need assistance and therefore would be expected not to call for help.

Look at Zimmerman's head in the photos. He has a broken nose. He has bloody gashes on the back of his head. Look at the report from the Sanford Police. Zimmerman had rainwater and grass stains on the back of his red jacket. It is as if he'd been knocked down, that he had been lying on his back on the wet ground, and had had his head slammed into something hard several times.

Look at the photo showing Trayvon Martin's dead body. Notice where the dampness from the ground water is to be seen on his pants. The knees and the shin area of Trayvon Martin's jeans are wet. Look at the coroner's report. Except for the bullet wound that ENDED the fight and a minor cut on or near one of his knuckles, there was no fight damage on Trayvon Martin's body. It is as if Trayvon Martin had hit something with his hand, possibly snagging on one of George Zimmerman's teeth as was breaking Zimmerman's nose. It is as if, after knocking Zimmerman to the ground, Martin kneeled astraddle him in order to inflict further abuse, at which time the shin area on his pants contacted the water on the ground.

Moreover, the testimony of John Good provides direct human corroboration of the photographic evidence. Witness John Good testified that George Zimmerman was the one on the ground, with this right side toward him. That makes sense because Trayvon Martin had run up to Zimmerman from the south, knocking Zimmerman down with his head toward the north, and Good's townhouse's back door was to the west - Good was looking east, and it would have been Zimmerman's right side that was nearest him.

Also, witness Selene Bahadoor testified that she heard someone running "from left to right" as she was in her kitchen facing the rear of her townhouse (i.e., facing the cut-through). Bahadoor's townhouse is on the east side of the cut-through. Someone running from left to right from her perspective would be heading north. George Zimmerman never went so far south on that night as to be south of Bahadoor's townhouse, so the person running northward was most likely Trayvon Martin, in pursuit of George Zimmerman, who at the time had just begun returning to his parked vehicle.

The photographic evidence, the witness testimony (other than that of Rachel Jeantel and Sybrina Fulton) and the testimony of the medical and law-enforcement professionals in Sanford, Florida, are in agreement that George Zimmerman was getting pounded by Trayvon Martin. It doesn't make any sense at all that Trayvon Martin would be the one calling for help. It makes all the sense in the world that George Zimmerman would be the one calling for help. Accordingly, we can safely conclude, on the basis of the evidence, that Sybrina Fulton is lying to us. Lying under oath. And thus committing a new crime, right there in the courtroom, with every word she utters.

We can safely conclude, one the basis of the evidence, that Mrs. Zimmerman is the one who is telling us the truth, and that her son, George, was the one calling for help.

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  1. I don't think she cares that George acted in self defense. He killed her son and she wants him to pay whether it was self defense or not.

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      To my knowledge, Trayvon's mom kept the $1 million settlement with the neighborhood association and did not donate it (or part of it) to charity to help wayward Hispanics hell-bent on protecting their neighborhood, nor any other charity.


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