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Democrats win Mike Pence's hometown

July 25, 2013

The federal government's Housing and Urban Development chief (HUD) recently announced a program that will effectively force every white enclave in America to integrate.

Coupled with amnesty, this program will effective hand our nation over the socialist Democrat Party.

And it will be a smashing success, depending on how you define "success".

As America turns browner, it will also turn bluer. 70 to 75 of non-whites vote for Democrats.

By moving blue people into traditionally red Congressional districts and red states, both houses of Congress will fall to the Democrats as will the Electoral College.

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  1. A Republican president can decide to undo these programs. Red States, in the meantime, will fight the regulatory decrees as well. All is not yet lost.

  2. the thing about diversity is, familiarity breeds contempt. Why do Whites in Georgia vote overwhelmingly Republican and Whites in Massachusetts vote for Democrats? Because the diversity in Massachusetts is confined to certain parts of Boston.


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