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July 23, 2013

The economic mess that is Detroit is not without resolution.

The problem is that the powers that be are not resolved to a workable fix. They face the obstruction of political correctness and the denial it engenders.

Most problems require honest evaluation of the cause before any problematic effect can be fixed. The same is true in Detroit.

So what's the problem? Or,  more accurately, what are the problems?

• Problem #1 - Detroit is populated by non-producers.

The average Detroit denizen is stricken with an incapability to earn an income high enough to produce the tax base required to fund the city's infrastructure. Education is no cure when the core problem is average low intelligence. Refer to the Bell Curve and prepare to be inundated with hateful scorn. But the truth is, while there are brilliant black minds (think Ben Carson and Herman Cain), black Americans have an average IQ in the 80s. That translates into the low incomes that translate into low tax base.

• Problem #2 - Detroit is plagued by violent crime.

While liberals love violent black crime because it fits into their Alinsky agitation strategy, intelligent people prefer to live where violent crime is minimal.

• Problem #3 - Detroit government is cursed with corruption.

A Washington Post writer lamented, "Detroit politics has been wracked by a series of corruption scandals, going back to the Coleman Young years. The last elected mayor before Bing, Kwame Kilpatrick — better known as the “Player Mayor” for his extravagant lifestyle of bling and parties — sits in prison for felony corruption. But Detroiters are prideful and protective of their own; even when Kilpatrick and his associates were shown to be corrupt, many Detroiters came out to support him, blaming the prosecutors for unfairly targeting a black elected official."

Here are prospective resolutions:

• Displacement through gentrification.

In spite of give-away real estate prices, white people are not moving to Detroit. Violent black crime is simply too overwhelming. Two years ago an altruistic Australian landlord was shot dead over a rent dispute with a black renter. Such violence is the norm. The current violent criminal population would need to be relocated allowing for high wage earners to reoccupy Detroit. The chances of that happening on a scale of 1 to 100 is less than .001.

• Segregation.

Black residents would be restricted to black zones allowing whites to dwell in crime free areas. The odds of that happening on a scale of 1 to 1000 is less than .00001.

• Land reclamation

This plan would effectively bulldoze large areas of Detroit. The residue would be committed to a landfill and the property would be given to White South Africans. Odds of that happening? Less than one in a billion.

• Nothing

This I call the free-market solution. Simply do nothing. There would be no government aid from state or federal governments. The city would fall into default. It would, in effect, allow Detroit to revert to its native African culture. Like the previous suggestions, the odds of this strategy being implemented are virtually non-existent.

So, once again, America's productive class is being held economically responsible for its non-productive class, a scenario that has repeated itself for 150 years and longer. There is a term for this phenomenon: Reparations.

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  1. Kenn - there's another option, and perhaps it's contained within the "African culture" option: Sharia finance. We spent almost four years living across the street from Detroit city proper. Quite a bit of property was being purchased by moslems and we presume it continues to this day. Conquest through Sharia finance plus the current US admin could present an "interesting" future for Detroit. A "model" for future cities, perhaps?

  2. I strongly disagree with your restriction of blacks to "black zones". The problem is not enough law, it is not enough freedom. People should be free to buy, sell and associate with whom they choose.
    The day that I can refuse service to a minority is the day that they may have to behave properly in my restaurant. If I still decline to be a voluntary or involuntary servant to them, that is my right as a free man.
    This should work similarly in housing. Myself and my neighbors should be free to reject whom we will without restriction of any kind ... as if it were our property. Go figure.

  3. "Segregation.

    Black residents would be restricted to black zones allowing whites to dwell in crime free areas. The odds of that happening on a scale of 1 to 1000 is less than .00001."

    no comments, and later you complain if somebody calls you racist


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