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July 2, 2013

Yet another indicator suggests George Zimmerman will not be convicted of killing Trayvon Martin: The liberal black media is crafting conspiracy scenarios.

The latest suggests that Zimmerman had inside connections with the Sanford, Florida police where the confrontation took place. That, of course, will be used to cover the cold reality that Zimmerman was, in fact, justified in defending himself when the 6' 5" Martin was literally pounding his head in the pavement.

The theory is based upon an incredible and weak article published by MSNBC last summer. Apparently Zimmerman actually knew some cops. Gasp.

It's a feeble effort. Nonetheless there are less-than-intelligent blacks who won't stop to consider that Zimmerman's passion for keeping his community free of crime naturally led him to communicate frequently with local cops. Nor will they stop to suppose that Zimmerman's interest in law enforcement would lend itself to chumming with police in varied departments including state and federal cops.

Dare to imagine: If black thugs cared for fighting crime like Zimmerman rather than being a fighting criminal like Martin, they too would be tight with cops.

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  1. Check Trayvon's height against the sources listed on wikipedia.



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