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July 1, 2013


A news story in the South Wales (Britain) Argus features this peculiar headline: "Muslim graves at Christchurch Cemetery, Newport, desecrated by racist vandals."

What makes this headline peculiar is that the author presumes the vandals who desecrated the graves were racists. As of the writing, the vandals were at large. While the graffiti painted on headstones was certainly offensive, there is no evidence it was painted by racists.
Credit: South Wales Argus

Such graffiti is sometimes 'self inflicted.' Anti-Semitic graffiti recently worried residents in a New York City Jewish community until it was discovered the villain was, himself, Jewish. Similar stories emerge in which blacks intentionally painted racial slurs on their own property.

Muslims may have committed the crime to discredit their enemies. Or, the criminals may have been devious, fun-seeking teens who were motivated by thrill-seeking rather than racism.

The bulk of the article features white people condemning racism. Oddly, the article fails to recognize that Islam is a religion, not a race.

It's a classic case of white guilt displacing credible news reporting. 

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