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May 5, 2013

Few would grasp the connection between stroke victims and amnesty for illegal aliens. Abstractions are essential for understanding the value of Western culture and realizing the importance of protecting its destruction via immigration.

Consider the following as an example.

Western culture provides
the world's civilization with
advanced technologies. 
Western culture has provided human civilization with life-enhancing and life-changing technologies that range from the basic light bulb to the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion 2 in Aurora, Colorado.

It is there, Aurora, that stroke victims -- present and future -- should sit up and take notice.

Were it not for the innovation and ingenuity of Western culture, you're odds of surviving a stroke would be greatly diminished. That reality was underscored late last month when the Neuro Intensive Care Unit  opened for business. The advanced care treatment center for stroke and aneurysm patients is one of billions of technological jewels that crown Western culture. Conversely stated, were it not for Western civilization there would be no light bulbs and no high-tech Neuro Intensive Care Units.

The destruction of
Western culture will
introduce a new dark ages
from which humanity
may never emerge.
They syllogism concludes by noting that such high-tech jewels will no longer be forthcoming once Western civilization is depleted through immigration. Granted, such bald-faced confrontation of reality will earn one the xenophobia label. But reality remains. The people whose intellects and innovation improve our lives through conveniences and advanced health care gadgets are being decimated by those who believe that social justice (there term) takes precedence over life-enhancing and life-saving technology.

Not only will advancements in new technology be hampered, existing technology will suffer due to a simple lack of qualified technicians. Once Western culture is decimated, there will be few qualified to operate and maintain the high-tech systems to which we've grown accustomed.

Read more about the Neuro Intensive Care Unit here ►

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