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May 4, 2013

Not all rapists are black males, nor are all black males rapists.

"Even so, the differences between black and 'white' rates of interracial crime are enormous," according to The Century Foundation's monumental work, 'The Color of Crime.'

Between 2001 and 2003, for example, "There were an average of 15,400 black-on-white rapes every year during this period, 139,000 robberies, 489,000 assaults, and 12,762 sexual assaults. By contrast, there were only 900 “white”-on-black rapes every year, 7,600 robberies, 101,000 assaults, and 3,217 sexual assaults. Of all 768,879 violent interracial crimes involving blacks and whites, blacks committed 85 percent and 'whites' 15 percent."

Based on those statistics, black-on-white rapes occur at a rate of 42.19 per day. That's an average of 1.75 black-on-white rapes occurring every hour continuously, or about one every 34 minutes.

Below are headlines from recent weeks with links to corresponding news reports.

2 black males arrested in Indianapolis for rape in Broadripple
Morehouse says rape allegations won’t affect Obama visit
Black male accused of trying to rape female joggers at gunpoint
Terre Haute black male charged with rape at hotel
OKC police: Officers arrive as black male attempts to rape woman
Black male charged with rape
Black nursing home patient charged with raping another patient
2 black males charged with rape reinstated as students at UNA
Massage therapy student charged with inappropriately touching client in Brentwood
Black male runs down woman, flees scene; returns to rape her
Black male gets 40 years for 15 year old

Again, not all rapists are black males, but that demographic is substantially over represented.

White reaction and response to black-on-white rape has changed significantly in recent years.
Emmett Hill became a 'civil rights'
icon after he was allegedly
murdered for 'flirting' with
white women. Emmett was
abandoned by his father
who was later executed for
rape and murder. 

The notorious Tulsa riot of 1921 was sparked by a black-on-white rape. It resulted in much of the black community being set afire and black residents being routed.

There were multiple white-on-black riots across the nation during the The Red Summer of 1919. Riots were prompted by black crime, frequently black-on-white rape. The riots are routinely falsely blamed on unemployment frustrations at the conclusion of WWI as GIs returned home from the battlefield and had to compete for jobs.

The age of tolerance and white guilt had not yet been introduced to the American psyche prior to 1921.

Efforts were made to press the mind of white America towards tolerance of black-on-white rape.

For example, the story of Louis Till is virtually unknown to Americans. Till was a black soldier who was executed by the United States army after being convicted of rape and murder. However, Till's 14-year-old son, Emmett, was Trayvonized after he was allegedly murdered for 'flirting' with white women in 1955.

The national media successfully wove a false narrative of irrational white bigotry and subsequent black victims, thereby effectively reversing the perception of reality. To Kill A Mockingbird was published in 1960, five years after the younger Till's death. The book is a work of fiction that makes a mockery of reality by casting black rapists as innocent victims of white racism.

Meanwhile, the violence continues at the rate of one white woman raped by a black male in America about every 34 minutes.

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  1. White guys even get into "black on blond" porn, pretty much the sickest thing out there.

    1. Why is that any sicker than "blond on black" porn?

    2. Fornication with feral animals should be completely forbidden. No human beings should legally allow to lay with the ni66er apes.

    3. no they should be allowed, people should be able to do what they want. However that doesn't mean they shouldn't be avoided at all costs. If some women want black men so much they can stay with black men. No man of any race should allow them back when they are tired of black men and they almost always do come crawling back after the "thrill of the forbidden fruit" is gone.

  2. The libs claim the reason for high numbers of black-on-white rape is because white women make up more than 80% of the population. Thus, there are more white women than non-white women to choose from.

    See, there is really no problem here. Feel better now?

    1. To do that they have to leave their ghettoes : there aren't many white women in there.

    2. What about the minorty of white men who's rape black/white women? They're like 5%.How you explain that?

  3. I care, but what can I do about it? Lets say me and a couple of my buddies get together an attack some black guys accused of rape. We'd end up in jail for decades for committing "hates crimes", "mob violence" and breaking "lynch laws".

    See how the system is designed to protect blacks from street justice?

  4. I'm glad that I never read the piece of leftist race propaganda trash called "To Kill a Mockingbird." Now that I know what it is, I never will read it. There's too much liberal filth that I can't avoid, but I will avoid all of it that I can.

    1. that's funny I was supposed to read that crap in 9th grade. I wasn't much of a reader back then so I just paid attention in class when we went over the book. I ended up getting an A- on the final test for the book and never read a page! : )

  5. @Anon at 7:23
    Gain a position of power, help a partner gain a position of power or keep promoting white self-determination, keep mocking whites who don't stand up to these issues by drawing comparisons with how other ethnicities would react(example.

    Think like the mob/Alinskyites do, but based on the principles of our people.


  6. Yes, you're right about the brainwashing from Mockingbird and Sidney Poitier's poignant films, but a very big part of the problem is that the white woman declared her independence from the white man. She wanted the freedom to Lez it up and the freedom to fuck anything with pants including Negroes. So really, the white man now has little use for the white woman, and has to journey to China and Japan to find women willing to play the game.

  7. Heebrew Jeewish progagnda is the big factor. remember, the N1gger is the tool of the J3w

  8. Negroes are genetically predisposed to commit violence. But the root problem is the jew. Because of how badly the jew corrupted our criminal justice system, Negroes are generally no longer punished; the jew will not permit it.

    Want to fix this problem? Then we need to solve the jewish problem.

    1. Whites are the most violent people on this Earth you dumb cave monkey. You can't prove that bullshit statement about genetics either.

    2. We went to the moon. I don't think anyone can say "Whites are stupid" when it comes to things like science and engineering, at least not compared to the other races.

      The large numbers of blacks who commit violent crimes, plus the natural state of blacks in Africa where rapes are basically normal, would make one expect for a genetic component to be involved.

  9. Jews use blacks to kill whites.

    1. Most Jews in the western world are primarily Aryans/Caucasians/Whites. Semitic Jews are a minor portion of Jewry.

  10. The use of black rape statistics is a common white power argument. It seeks to prove that black men have a dark and savage nature by showing that they rape women at vastly higher rates than white men. The beauty of the argument is that few whites question it because it plays on two stereotypes they have about black men: they are violent and they have stronger sex drives that they cannot control.

    First, as black crime goes rape is rare. Here are the top ten crimes committed by blacks in America according to FBI numbers on arrests.

    485,054 Drug abuse violations
    261,730 Larceny, theft
    316,217 Assault (non-aggravated)
    183,810 Disorderly conduct
    109,985 Aggravated assault
    97,472 Driving under the influence
    68,052 Burglary
    62,278 Drunkenness
    57,745 Weapons; carrying, possessing, etc.
    54,774 Robbery

    Forcible rape was not even close to making this list: there were only 5,708 arrests.

    Second, white men are a far bigger threat. The police still arrest twice as many white men for rape.

    Going by the stereotypes, you would expect whiter countries to be safer. Despite the millions of black men in America, women are way safer there than in Canada and Australia, where rape is more than twice as common.

    So where are the statistics that show black men are such dangerous rapists? It comes from comparing not all rapes but just interracial rapes. The FBI does not break out numbers for interracial rape but the Justice Department does for “rape and sexual assault”– based on a crime victim survey it does every year. But interracial rape is so rare that there are fewer than ten cases in its sample.

    On television rape is a dark-alley crime, but in fact strangers commit only 2% of rapes. Half are done by current or former boyfriends, dates and husbands. Interracial rape is rare for the same reasons that interracial marriage is rare. So rare that there are not even solid government figures on it.

    1. "White power argument"
      Sorry, White power needs no argument. It speaks for and demonstrates itself quite well.
      Don't believe me? One word: evolution.

    2. Thank you for destroying this bullshit post, Vox Day.


    4. Actually, blacks are between 8 to 9 times as likely to commit a rape as a White. There are thousands of black on White rapes in the USA every year. Yet the number of White on black rapes is so low as to be statistically irrelevant.

      The black rape figure is even worse when one realizes that blacks are less than 20% of the population of the US, but commit over 50% of all violent crimes.

      Rape is commonplace in South Africa, especially since the end of White rule and the transfer of power to the blacks.

      It's a fact: rape and violent crimes are positively correlated with black populations more than with non-black, especially White, populations.

    5. and your argument is a black power argument. See two can play that game.

  11. This is why it is legal to kill ni66ers in America. I just don't know what America is waiting for.

    1. No we can't kill them that isn't right but we can imprison them when they do something wrong and not be afraid to do so like we are right now. Maybe get it out there that if they don't like living here so much they can always go back to Africa. I'm sure they'd be happier there anyways, since they hate us so much.

  12. "On a cool, spring day in March 1931, two white women hitched a ride on a freight train in Alabama in the hopes of finding work in a neighboring state. When authorities stopped the train some time later, both women, fearing arrest for violating the Mann Act, which prohibited transporting even willing women across state lines for illicit purposes, told police that they had been raped by nine black men who were also scattered along the train.[1] Their accusation caused a furor, and a mob that gathered to lynch the men dispersed only with promises of a speedy trial. Despite little evidence of rape, the men were convicted based on the women's testimony and sentenced to death. As the case meandered through four separate trials and two supreme court decisions, local whites continued to support the women's charges, even though one recanted her claim of rape after the second trial."

    I wonder.... where I've heard that before.

    "Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck are co-founders of the Innocence Project, which works to free wrongfully convicted inmates through DNA evidence. They say Tillman's case is no aberration. There are thousands upon thousands like him languishing in prisons, they say. And here's the kicker: In most cases, the innocent man is an African American, - wrongfully convicted, like Tillman, of raping a white woman."

    Putting petty racist myths to sleep.

    1. Too bad a false accusation from 1931 does not overturn the fact that blacks are committing rape at wartime levels, constantly.

      In 2007 study by the FBI there were 14,000 assaults on White women by black males. The FBI could not find a single source of a comparable White on black assault.

      The results are in, black equality with Whites is a myth. They are hateful and violent and Whites must learn to protect ourselves from them and their handlers.

  13. Good article. I love the stats. But, it must be added that although 85% of interracial crimes are black on white, the 15% that are white on black turn out to be mostly committed by mestizos and mulattoes, not whites.


    … who he claims are the most DANGEROUS TERRORISTS in AMERICA!



    FACT: If everything I said was FALSE, my STATEMENTS would be HILARIOUS!

    … but there is nothing FUNY about CRIME, POLITICAL CORRUPTION and MEDIA COVER UPS!






  15. OBAMA thinks that BLACK AMERICA is better off on 12-20-2014