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Democrats win Mike Pence's hometown

May 23, 2013

When blacks move in, whites move out.

White flight is a natural response to black blight.  I call it the demographics dance. It's been going on for decades in America.

After whites relocate, blacks follow and the dance continues as long as there is a place where whites can find refuge.

What happens when there is no place else to flee?

That dilemma is being faced by Afrikaners in South Africa. In an effort to preserve the culture, a group of 1,000 whites developed an exclusive community; an island of white people in a nation they once ruled. They've been pushed to the brink.

The town was named Kleinfontein (Small Fountain) when it was founded in the early 1990s. To live there one must receive approval from a town council.

While the town declares itself to be a preservation for Afrikaner culture, it is a de facto refuge from the violent criminal culture that has permeated South Africa ever since whites opened their borders to cheap labor provided by hordes of blacks from the north. Since South Africa transformed from Apartheid to a black-majority government, the violence and crime has escalated. Thousands of white farm families have been brutally murdered by black thugs.

Kleinfontein is a demonstration of what happens when the music stops and the demographic dance comes to an end. Earlier this month the city gates were visited by the Democratic Alliance Youth, a black activist group that insists the small enclave is racist due to its exclusive residency requirements. Townsfolk argue that their community focus is culture, not race. But all are keenly aware that culture and race are often inseparable.

That raises the question: Do ethnic group have a moral right to self determination and exclusion?

The dilemma rises from the fact that blacks may also form cultural enclaves. The problems are, however, that such enclaves would be miserable habitats where blacks, themselves, don't care to reside. White enclaves, on the other hand, are safe, well-kept and prosperous havens.

It is that problem that can only be resolved by freedom of association in Africa and beyond. But that would allow whites to live apart from blacks if they so desired and, in spite of what liberals say regarding the multiculturalism's moral high grounds, even white liberals are high steppers in the demographic dance.

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  1. Mantra Idea:
    Think about the term “White Flight”.
    What is White flight? = Whites moving to avoid the blacks moving near them.
    What causes White flight? = Blacks moving into white areas.
    What causes blacks to move? = Some are trying to avoid living among their own kind.
    So isn't the term "Black Flight" more accurate than “White Flight”?

  2. I think blacks chase whites for a number of varied reasons. Primarily, of course, its the natural reaction of a parasite to pursue its preferred host. Also, I believe that blacks - at some level, perhaps subconsciously or perhaps consciously - seem to get a thrill out of imposing themselves upon Whites who they instinctively know are repulsed by them and who wish to avoid any and all contact with blacks.

    For an example of this sort of thing in real time, has everyone who is White ever noticed how, whenever they encounter blacks in a public setting - many blacks seem to almost reflexively jack up their disgusting shucking and jiving style of obnoxious behavior? Blacks enjoy getting on the nerves of White people. I saw an example of this just the other day, while sitting in my vehicle in a parking lot near an all-your-big-fat-black-butt-can-eat Golden Corral restaurant. There was a small herd of blacks, who evidently had their bellies full, and they were outside in the parking lot, dancing and jiving and singing loudly in that falsetto-sing-song kind of voice that anyone who's watched any of the old Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller will remember from the scenes we all saw in the villages of cannibals who were looking forward to eating one of the captured White men and women from the Safari expedition.

    Also, I believe blacks who are far more prone towards criminal activity, view White communities as 'target and victim rich' environments, a.k.a., more profitable hunting grounds for their endless mischief and sexually predatory impulses to engage in a bout of forcible ebony acupuncture on any White female who doesn't happen to be packing heat for self protection.

    The solution is simple. Whites need our own exclusively White Ethnostate. Complete and total racial separation, enforced from the barrel of a gun.

    And, the best part to having an exclusively White Ethnostate is going to be that Chris Matthews, Mr. Tingle - and the entire Bush Family and the entire McCain family and ever other one of these White race traitorous hyena turds are not going to be permitted to reside within it. Nope, they'll be living amongst the Blacks who they all claim to adore so much.

    1. Excellent, thoughtful comments. They all ring true. Your description of the parking lot festivities was hilarious.

    2. I want to live in Whiteland! Count me in!

  3. Years ago, I never would have believed what I am about to write. Russia, it seems, is becoming the last bastion for the white race. They have the resources, talent and pride to keep it that way unless the scourge of liberalism and diversity begins to erode them. Australia and New Zealand with their socialist policies have blown the chance.

  4. Living among negroes is bad. If George Zimmerman is found guilty, something bad is going to happen I can just see it happening so clearly. For everyone's good, aside from black racists, Zimmerman has to be found innocent.


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