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May 26, 2013

Obama wants executive power to be scaled back.

It makes no sense, of course. After all, this is the president who signs executive orders like they are greeting cards and has ordered over 400 drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan alone.

Why would the nation's most dictatorial president press for limiting his own power?

He wouldn't.
The next black president

Obama's quest to quash presidential power isn't intended for him. It's intended for the next president.

Apparently Obama envisions the next president being a Republican encumbered by a Democratic controlled Congress. That president could, by executive order, reverse much of the damage done during the Obama years. While such a scenario is unlikely -- Republicans seldom reverse Democratic stupidity, they merely slow it down -- Obama has no reason to take the risk. The prospect of someone named Jeb, Rand, or -- God forbid -- Condoleezza swivelling behind the desk in the Oval Office is enough to make the presiding executive officer quiver in his Guccis.

There are, of course, other motives for Obama wanting to scale back executive control: He's bluffing.

As long as Obama is insisting that presidential control is out of control, the more gullible people will presume the president is not a power-hungry dictator who disrespects the will of his constituents and disregards the letter of the law, the Constitution in particular.


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