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February 7, 2013

The next time you go to see one of those mush movies at the theater, take a look at the crowd around you. Chances are it's comprised of 99.999% white people.

White people are genetically predisposed to be altruistic. I site no scientific studies to support  my claim, but I do site those 'Feed the Children' ads that dominate late-night television, a gazillion benevolent non-profits that fork over cash to everything to negro colleges to breast cancer research, and Obama's latest appeal to illegal aliens.

Realizing that white folks are equipped with a mush gene that overrides their intelligence gene, Obama asked illegal aliens to come up with mushy stories to sway public opinion. The O's campaign organization, Organizing for Action [OAF], made the appeal in his behalf. The unstated objective, of course, is to convince mushy white people to allow millions of new Democrats access to the voting booth. Click here to read the news story...

One story focused on an alien who was brought to America at age two. He grew up as an American, worked his way through college, and is now an upstanding, tax-paying American, indistinguishable from the rest of us. There will be no stories about Hispanic gangs, nor will the nation's first black president allow Hispanics thugs to tell about their efforts to purge Californian neighborhood of black residents.

White mush was seen in 2008 when millions of white Americans voted for Obama because, as one woman stated, "I was their turn." White awareness that Obama was unqualified, inexperienced, and liberal to excess, was trumped by mush.

White people are the most benevolent, compassionate people group on the planet. They are also extraordinarily given to altruistic emotionalism. That, in turns, makes them subject to suggestions of guilt, personal condemnation, and self-loathing. Social engineers play on that vulnerability to manipulate white people.

White mush is generally a beneficial attribute. The innate sense of compassionate community tempers  competitive zeal and tendencies for individualism that drives the success of Western Civilization. While white people are inclined to self-sufficiency, they also are driven to care for others. Unfortunately the mush gene is being exploited to the point where Western culture is on the cusp of imploding as it is literally giving itself away to those less inclined to introspection.

Sorry. I meant [OFA].

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