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Seriously? junk food causes violent behavior?

February 28, 2013

Inbreeding does strange things to the brain. I make no charges, only express an opinion based on images provided by the local police.

At issue is the bizarre tryst of three young Illinois white people who made whoopy on the corpses of two black males. News reports indicate the trio killed the men before covering their bodies with linen and getting it on.


So here it is. Finally. After years of sifting through black-on-white violent crime, a legitimate case of white racist stupidity. One would expect Al Sharpton to arrive on the scene with camera crew in tow. But, alas, the race huckster is no where to be seen.

At least yet.

Again, I'm only guessing. But my opinion is that big Al will eventually show up once the local clergy raise the necessary cash to cover his travel, accommodations, and honorarium.

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