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February 20, 2013

Before the tempest in a teapot becomes a tsunami (in a teapot), I thought I'd offer my take on the matter.

Here goes . . .

Virtually every philosophy-based movement -- be it religious, political, or whatever -- has an inherent gradation of militancy. On one extreme are those who wish to lynch non-conformists. At the other extreme are those who prefer a policy of appeasement.

• I observed this phenomenon when deeply rooted in Baptist fundamentalism.

There were extremists whose militancy compelled them to vociferously oppose evangelicals who failed to tow the fundamentalist line. And there were evangelicals whose inclusion permitted all who generally adhered to a set of essentials.

• I observe this phenomenon in the Republican party.

There has always been a divide between the Tea Party and the moderate RINOs. In the 1970s we referred to the Tea Party as the Silent Majority and the RINOs are Rockefeller Republicans.

• I also observe this phenomenon among Democrats.

It's not above Michael Moore to bash his beloved Obama when the messiah fails to live up to Moore's expectations. A few decades ago we witnessed militant lynch-mob leftist loons riot at the 1968 Democratic convention. Both rioters and delegates advocated a socialist agenda. The difference was seen in the preference of the self-described radicals to run amok in the streets while the conformists thought it wiser to work within the system.

• Note the tendency to demonize opponents as extremists.

Leftists like to attack their opponents by painting them all with a wide brush of radical red. GW Griffith's classic movie, The Birth of A Nation, portrayed the Klan in a noble and heroic light while the left would have us believe the Klan was nothing more than a mob of a million maniacs. The leftists make their case by referencing a small minority of extremists.

Success of philosophical movements requires a willingness to take the bitter pill of tolerance (a common leftist code word, I know) and agree to disagree.

Beneficial to bridge such conflicts would be a manifesto that simply states the philosophical fundamentals and reiterates the objectives. Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow come to mind as prospective architects of such a document.

There is a need to not major on the minors but stay focused on the broader issue at hand: Survival of Western civilization.

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