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February 10, 2013

Tell me if this smacks of patent racism:

"White Americans don't want to do crappy jobs, so the government is farming them out to dumb Mexicans."

Offensive? Read on.

"Mexicans and their Latin American cousins have aptitudes that peak with ditch digging and burger flipping. Add lawn care to the list. White Americans, being intellectually superior to brown people, waste their talents doing such menial labor and should, therefore, focus their efforts on high-paying jobs."

Racist? Maybe. But the media will never label it as such.


Because that's the mindset that justifies opening our borders to millions of immigrants South of the Border. Liberal Democrats will never admit their racist agenda because the influx of Hispanics greatly enhances their political base.

While the left occupies itself exploiting people of color for their own agenda, they project their racism on conservative whites who have the audacity to notice such things as crime statistics.

Ultimately, the liberal agenda will create a class system in which whites comprise the money and management class, while people of color are forced to do those jobs that "no one else wants."

It's the argument we've heard a thousand times. Sometimes it overt, other times it's couched in dog whistle suggestions. But the excuse remains prevalent.

The dog whistle version: Immigration, they say, helps fill jobs Americans don't want.

Sans the dog whistle:  [Non-white] immigration, they say, helps fill jobs [white] Americans don't want.

As America suffers under the weight of high unemployment, granting amnesty and encouraging immigration is not in the best interest of our country and its economy. It is, however, in the best interest of the Democratic Party and its left-wing [racist] base.

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