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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

February 1, 2013

Fewer than one in five socialize with a person of another race, such as in their home or the home of a friend.

That, one would suppose, is the legacy of the Jim Crow South. It is not. The statistics are from South Africa; a survey provided by the government's so-called Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR).

The summation is obvious: The genetic code that produces tribal instincts innate to humans can't be overwritten by government edicts.

The end of apartheid in 1994 was supposed to usher in a era of racial reconciliation and end the great ethnic divide. It hasn't worked. Multiculturalism seems to be a myth.

The survey revealed that 21.6% sometimes socialize across race lines while over half (56.6 percent) rarely or never socialize with persons of other races.

Take note: The survey has been conducted annually since 2003. While modest gains were made early on in inter-racial interaction, those changes flatlined after 2010.

61.8 percent of South Africans believe that national unity is desirable. Only about half of young whites agreed  (49.4%) and coloreds (50.5%) agreed. Overall, only 59 percent of South Africans believe national unity is possible.

Were you to cram 1,000 people of various races into a large room, they would self segregate. It's human nature. But you don't need to travel to South Africa to see the evidence. You need merely visit the local high school cafeteria.


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