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February 2, 2013

Short answer: Redundancy

The national media is obsessed with America's most popular past time: Football.

It's virtually impossible to flip on cable TV news, surf Internet news sites, or pick up a newspaper (does anyone do that anymore?) without being affronted by the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is as American as apple pie and provides us with a holiday atmosphere sans the religious elements (Christmas) or the in-your-face political correctness (MLK Day).

(Sad to say Obama and his bots are attempting to politicize football as the root cause for  gun violence in "urban settings.")

It's time to hang out, eat chicken fingers, and enjoy life.

It's also well covered through the media. DailyKenn attempts to focus on cutting edge current events that are ignored or under-reported.

Therefore, we choose to post no articles about the Super Bowl.

(Then, again, I think we just did.)

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  1. I can't find any documentation for Obama's linking football and gun violence in urban settings. Care to share?


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