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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

February 23, 2013

Imagine this.

The First Pentecostal Church of Yourtown, USA decides it's going to begin each and every Friday morning by broadcasting a tongue-speaking tirade via massive loudspeakers to awake slumbering residents and call them to prayer.

"Won't happen," you say. "The ACLU would be all over it like white on rice."

You are correct.

Apparently the town council in Botkyrka, a Stockholm municipality, has a penchant for brown rice.

Holy Rollers in that nation have been given the green light to perch speakers atop towers and pierce the eardrums of Swedes with wee-hour calls to prayer.

It turns out the 'tongues' speaking is not wholly unintelligible. It's in Arabic. And those yodeling in the microphone aren't Pentecostals, they're Muslims.

The doctrine of separation of Church and state, it turns out, is nothing more than a convenient excuse to bash a cornerstone of Western culture: Christianity. The rules of engaging others with one's religious zeal doesn't seem to apply to non-traditional religions.

There is no separation of mosque and state, temple and state, coven and state, synagogue and state, etc. The cultural Marxists seem only bent on purging our civilization of those traditions that smack of whiteness. Or, as they prefer to say, racism.

Here's the story from the Christian Defense League: 
Suicidal Sweden allows Mosque to blast “call to Prayer” on loud speaker across town► 

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  1. What fools! These are the consequences of permissiveness with Islam.


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