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Seriously? junk food causes violent behavior?

February 26, 2013


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  1. Federal government spends $3500 billion now, after sequester, AT "WORST," it would spend $3415 billion. They keep saying the lack of spending $85 billion would lead to all these horrid consequences. Who knew the Federal government was so efficient that it can get so much out of $85 billion? At that rate, the $3415 billion it can still spend should bring us Nirvana.

    OTOH, it was found that $0.88 billion was spent just on people ineligible to get BushPhones (*) to get them.

    (*) - Colloquially, they're known as "ObamaPhones" because of that Cleveland video on YouTube. But it was Bush who extended the LifeLine service to the cell phone space.


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