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February 26, 2013

Short answer: No, black crime is not escalating.

Images of black youth running amok, such as the mob violence last week at Ford City Mall in Chicago, make it appear that black teen violence is substantially increasing. It is not.

50 years ago violent black mobs were not allowed to run amok.
Black mob violence has been around for a long time. The proliferation of videos on the Internet makes it appear more common.

Such violence is why Jim Crow laws were instituted. It had nothing to do with skin tone and hair texture, but was a means for white people to protect themselves from black crime.

Remember those black-and-white civil-rights era images of cops attacking 'innocent' blacks with water canons and German Shepherds? Revisionists would have us believe that efforts by whites to maintain law and order were, in reality, blind bigotry. Those accounts were purged of the provocations, leaving learners to suppose that white people behaved irrationally and irresponsibly. Cops were demonized as racist thugs when, in reality, they were dealing with mob violence similar to that seen at Ford City Mall.

Some viewers, no doubt, watch videos of mob violence at Ford City Mall and wonder why police didn't respond more readily. Then they consider that law enforcement officials prefer to allow such disturbances to burn themselves out rather than risk being demonized for decades as intolerant, racist thugs.

Today, black mobs run amok, unmolested by fire hoses.
Lesson learned: If you're ever caught in the middle of a violent black mob, don't expect the police to rush to your rescue with attack dogs, rubber bullets, and water cannons. Rather, at best a police investigator may visit your hospital bedside to write a report.

Nor should you expect an accurate account when you watch reports on the evening newscasts. Reporters who dared detail the racial dimensions of such violence have long since been reassigned to the mail room. Today's reporters are keenly aware that honest reporting will get no ink or air time, but will get them fired. And so they do what they must do to retain employment. They lie.

The advent of the Internet forces us to reconsider revisionists' accounts and to wonder why the main-stream media fails at reporting obvious racial aspects of violent crime.

No wonder Obama wants to establish 'standards' for posting on the Internet.

The irony of it all lies in the fact that white Americans have tolerated black crime for generations. The thought of repatriating African Americans to their beloved Africa never gained traction. Whites, nonetheless, are demonized as intolerant by the same historians who gave us photos of cops and water cannons, but no images of black provocation.

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The black riot at a Minnesota high school last week is one of dozens of such stories available to Internet users. In that melee American-born blacks duked it out with Somalian imports. The media reported the incident as a food fight that got out of hand.

During my four-year tenure at a black high school I witnessed black mob violence on multiple occasions and assume such was the norm wherever and whenever large crowds of black youth congregate. My conclusion is that violent black mobs have been the norm for generations and only seem more frequent because of occasional Internet exposure.

The list of violent black mob attacks exposed on the Internet seems endless. Below are the first 25 videos I came across.

Black mob violence in downtown Detroit
Beat Whitey Night at Iowa State Fair
Black mob attacks whites at Wisconsin State Fair
Black flash  mob attacks white clerk
Black mobs attack white men in Baltimore
Black mob attacks pregnant White woman
Black mob beats white reporters
Black racists attack white woman at strip mall
Black mob beats, strips tourist in Baltimore
Black mob 'owns' gas station
Black mob beats white man in Georgia
300 black teens trash Walmart, terrorize shoppers
Black mob attacks white in Britain
Black mob beats white man in Detroit; leaves him to die
Black mob invades Portland convenient store
Black mob invades Chicago jeans store
Black mob beats doctor and tourist in Chicago
Black mobs terrorize Indianapolis
Black mobs attack whites during parade in Paris, France
Black  mob invades convenient store in Dallas, beats white clerk
Black street mob drags light-skinned black girl from car
Black mob attacks white TV news reporters 
All-female black mob beats mentally ill woman
Black mob invades 7-11 in Maryland
Black mob raid retain stores in Oregon

Now, imagine yourself in any one of the above scenarios: being beaten to a pulp at the Iowa State Fair, cornered in Walmart by hundreds of black thugs, emerging from the 7-11 restroom and facing a store full of hateful young blacks hell-bent on sending the next white they see to the emergency room, or driving a white van near Ford City Mall when a black thug crashes a chair through your rear window.

Then ask, "Where are the cops with the dogs and water cannons?"

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  1. While I pretty much agree with the historical perspective of the article, I must disagree with the opening statement.
    I do believe that black mob action is escalating.
    I also believe that it will continue to escalate.

    1. I also believe it is escalating. There are no longer consequences for the actions. The handful of blacks that were arrested will likely only face probation. They know this and it gives them more incentive to repeat this type of behavior.


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