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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

February 11, 2013

There are certain things that must be left  unsaid. They are verboten, taboo, and deemed socially unacceptable. To take note is to incur the swift and certain wrath of social engineers who will promptly condemn you to a sentence of perennial stigma, labeled forever as a racist.

Here goes:

Taboo #1 - You may not notice the productive class.

Practically every technological enhancement that enables civilization to enjoy a standard of living so elevated that it is virtually beyond comparison to historic levels is the product of Western civilization's innate knack for ingenuity, creativity, and innovation.

Look around you. Note the stuff. Label those items that are the product of white innovation. Take notice, but make no mention. To acknowledge this aspect of clearly obvious reality will get you labeled a white supremacist.

Don't notice that trains, planes, and automobiles are products of white innovation. If you do, you'll be labeled a supremacist. Dare not mention that the telephone and it's cell phone descendant are the brain children of white folks. The vast scope of medical enhancements were formulated in white minds, but pretend not to notice. We must also ignore such innovations as computer technology.

Taboo #2 - You may not notice racial variations.

Racial differences are as plain as the nose on your face. Literally. Some excuse racial hatred by noting the differences. To stymie racial hatred we must not notice the differences; particular the variations in intelligence and criminal behavior. But the differences are still there, even though we are afraid to mention them. We are afraid to mention that black people commit 52.2% of all homicides in America and have, on an average, higher blood pressure than whites. We fear noticing that East Asians are, by average, more intelligent than whites and have a genetic predisposition to lactose intolerance.

Taboo #3 - You may not notice white benevolence.

White people are the most benevolent people group in existence. They send billions of dollars to Save the Children and to fund Africa's infrastructure. Conversely, we must pretend that white people are evil racists who slaughtered Indians so they could steal their land, enslaved black people, and ravaged the African continent. We must not notice that centuries of American Indian tribal warfare was ended by white people, nor that there are far more Indians alive today than were alive when when Columbus first set foot in the Western Hemisphere. We may not mention that black slavery was the norm on the African continent until ended by white colonization.

Taboo #4 - You may not notice that white people are not racists.

It is absolutely essential that the collective mind of white people be enslaved with the chains of white guilt, enabled by white gullibility due to innate altruism. White people have always had an affinity for non-whites and cultures that are different from their own. By revising history and displacing emphasis through gross exaggerations, we can suspend reality and devise mental distortions as replacements until the truth becomes a lie and vice versa.

Taboo #5 - You may not notice that hatred for whites is a driver of American black culture.

Listen to black comedians joke about the dangers of walking through white neighborhoods. Then notice that blacks thrive unmolested in white communities. Then, take a drive the projects, park your care, and take a leisurely stroll around the 'hood. While the stark reality of black-on-white hatred is sobering, it must never be mentioned. Rather, we must superimpose the mental image of white racism over reality and believe the mask rather than the face. Failure to do so will get you labeled 'racist'.

Call it onset neurosis. Our minds have been intentionally manipulated to displace reality for irrational cognition. Mentioning the Emperor is butt naked will earn you the stigma of racist and hater, even though you don't dislike anyone due to ethnicity and in spite of the fact that you hate no one. The delusion will continue to be a requisite until it is no longer needed.

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  1. you must not notice that every commercial now must have a black, an asian, a hispanic, Or that game shows must also be diversified, if your asian go to the price is right your almost garanteed to get on the show even though asians are about 1% of the audience. Don't notice that either.

    1. And you must not notice that in practically every one of these commercials, the white male is made out to look like an absolute buffoon & moron, while the well spoken, black man comes to save the day.

  2. Another good 'un. I've reprinted it as part of my "mokita" series here:
    More Mokita from DailyKenn


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