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February 17, 2013

Vulnerable immigrants vs black-booted Nazi thugs.

Who's side are you on?

Most would throw their support behind the vulnerable immigrants. Hence the spin.

The episode follows this story line: In Germany Amazon.com hired neo-Nazi security guards to harass lowly immigrants. We know this because (a) the guards wore black boots, (b) the name of the security firm is 'Hess,' (c) the firm's owner is rumored to have some ties with neo-Nazis and, (c) the immigrants claim to have been mistreated.

I could be wrong, but even one without a keen sense of smell could sniff out abject media bias in this story. Sad to say we live in a culture of denial in which even the most obvious nonsense is confused with reality.

I suspect this is the European version of playing the race card.

Here's the story from International Business Times ►

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