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February 28, 2013

There is often a thin line between irony and hypocrisy.

In this case it lies somewhere in the shadow that merges the unveiling of Rosa Parks' statue in Washington, D.C. and the indictment of six males accused of committing murder on a Metro platform.

There will be no statue honoring
Olijawon Griffin who lost his life
defying black crime 
on Washington DC's Metro
Racial segregation in the South, we are told, was the belligerence of aloof white people whose arrogance and hatred compelled them to keep their distance from blacks.

Truth be told, Jim Crow laws were intended, not to segregate blacks from whites, but to protect whites from black crime. The account of six thugs who prowled the bowels of the capital's Metro in search of victims to assault and rob is a case in point.

Southern justice understood it was overwhelmed by black crime and determined to contain it through Jim Crow laws. It was neither belligerence nor aloofness that compelled whites to keep their distance from their black neighbors. It was violent crime.

Granted, Rosa Parks was no street thug. She merely wanted a place to rest her weary feet when no gentlemen were found in the black section willing to surrender a seat. To accommodate her the wall of separation between black crime and white civility was torn down and Jim Crow was lynched in the town square.

For her part, Rosa gets another chunk of rock delicately chiseled in her likeness to commemorate her bravado. Olijawon Griffin, the 18-year-old black victim of the Metro murder, gets nothing.

Had Griffin been white he would probably still be alive; not because Jim Crow lives in the seedy subways of Washington, but because white people self-segregate in lieu of Jim Crow. That is, had Griffin been white he probably would have had the good sense to avoid the Metro station.

And so, Jim Crow lives; not as a government enforced policy, but as a de facto practice by whites who protect themselves through avoidance.

Consider the policies enforced by major shopping malls within the reach of urban mass transit systems. Their version of Jim Crow -- understood as efforts to affect loss prevention by limiting the number of shadows cast by blacks entering their doors -- profiles blacks by age rather than race. Groups consisting of three or more minors are not allowed in the mall unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Race-based Jim Crow was innately unfair to Rosa Parks. Age-based Jim Crow is unfair to white teens.

Someday, somewhere, will a group of white teens refuse to exit a mall and be honored with statues aside that of Parks? Will Olijawon Griffin be so honored for his refusal to surrender to street thugs? No. Why? Because the Rosa Parks story reinforces the cultural Marxist mindset imposed upon us. The ordeals of Griffin and a host of others defy and contradict it.

De facto Jim Crow resides anywhere taxi cabs service communities with black residents. Were Rosa Parks alive today, hailing a cab on  Manhattan Island, her prospects of catching ride would be no greater than getting a seat on a bus in Montgomery. The difference between 1955 Montgomery and 2013 Manhattan is negligible. Cabbies aren't driven by racial hatred (many are, themselves, black). Rather, they are compelled by realism.

And so as the tarp was pulled away and the countenance of Rosa Parks basked in the Washington Capitol, the pretense that black crime is not the compelling motive behind Jim Crow is, once again, reinforced upon the American psyche. Like North Koreans necessarily singing the praises of Kim Jong-il as a mean to avoid being cast into the gulag, Americans recite the evils of Jim Crow lest they be castigated with the racist label.

Meanwhile, white people still avoid the Metro at night, cabbies avoid fares with dark skin and kinky hair, and shopping malls enforce the age-based profiling.

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