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January 22, 2013

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Today is Tuesday, January 22. America has endured another Martin Luther King Day, a day that was punctuated by the inauguration of the nation's first mulatto president.

The official line (or lie) has become legendary. It is a narrative that supposes that the apex of human dignity and morality is the attainment of human equality.

True, our nation's founders bristled at the remnants of aristocratic feudalism imposed upon their ancestors. "All men are created equal," they concluded. But their concept of equality was that which enabled individual freedom and liberty;  precedent ideals that have been replaced with a redefined sense of equality and a refined sense of entitlement. These bear such terms as civil rights and social justice.

• Towing the line

In simple terms, we've been suckered into accepting Marxist dogmas and doctrines that not even Marxists honestly believe.

Most Americans tow the official, politically correct line for one of two reasons: First, their malleable minds have been manipulated into believing the myth or, second, they know it's all nonsense but find it expedient to go along rather than be slandered and stigmatized as a radical right-winger or, worse still, a racist.

The masses, to use the Marxist term, embrace the official line. I'm appalled that even conservatives (who should know) better press to take a seat in the front row of political correctness. Such posturing is essential, they reason, to avoid the racist label and to be on the right side of history. Others stand aghast at the insanity.

• The sane minority

There is a small minority of Americans who choose to accept reality for what it is. These are they who tell the truth and suffer the consequences.

The contrast was seen in the early 1980s when President Ronald Reagan pressed to assure a holiday honoring King and his manufactured legacy. Opposing Reagan's efforts was Senator Jesse Helms.

Reagan, you'll recall, was the president whose steadfast rejection of appeasement led to the demise of the Soviet Union and forced the hand of Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" that separated East and West Berlin. The Reagan doctrine that was applied to foreign policy was reversed on domestic policy. Reagan was anxious to be on the right side of history and summarily applied the policy of appeasement to those clamoring to displace honor for true American heroes with a day of deification for King.

Reagan, obviously, won. Helms lost.

Fast forward to January 21, 2013. Allen West, the former US Congressman from Florida, is another prime example. His recent Facebook post glowed with admiration for King. "Today we remember and celebrate the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.." he wrote. "Let us never forget that Dr. King believed in the triumph of character over color and he certainly would be appalled at the careless use of race as a political tool. Here was a man, an American, who truly made a difference for the next generation."

Indeed, the most quoted snippet from King's repertoire of speeches addressed the contrast between color and character. But if actions speak louder than words, the obscenely immoral lifestyle of King would compel us to reject his legacy out of hand. This is the man, you'll recall, who hosted hotel-room parties replete with hookers, as attested by well-known surveillance recordings. The findings of J. Edgar Hoover prove, once and for all, that King had no character. More findings have been sealed and hidden from public view.

• Exit stage right

The civil rights movement is lauded as the maturing of America into a land where the evils of white supremacy has been overcome by the moral astuteness of equality. It is, however, analogous to a twist in well-crafted screen play. In the end, the true villains will be exposed as those we were led to believe were the story's heroes. The supposed villains will be revealed as the true champions of morality.

As of 2013, the villains are still presumed to be heroes, and the heroes villains. The final act is yet to be seen.

• The morphing of America

As it turns out, America didn't mature into a moralistic haven. Rather, it morphed into Marxist hell-hole with the re-election of Barak Obama being the slam dunk that sealed the deal.

King Day celebrants went to the trouble to construct a black
box to shroud the statue of American icon, George Washington.
This morphing of America was seen last year when a horde of King celebrants shrouded a nearby statue of George Washington. It was true-to-life symbolism. The ideals of liberty and freedom had been displaced with the insanity of wealth redistribution, otherwise known as social justice.

As the shrouding of Washington's memory symbolizes the hatred the left has for American ideals, it also signifies the shrouding of our minds, blinding us to reality and forcing us into the conventional thinking prescribed by those whose vision of our nation is very different from that of our founders.

• Shrouded minds

Let's consider.

• Out minds are cloaked by the civil rights mantra as we are mesmerized with the memory of Rosa Parks. The icon of racial segregation is remembered in stories, statues and even school plays. Hidden are the atrocities that commonly plague our nation's mass transit system. While Parks may have been humiliated when refused a seat on a racially segregated bus (why no black males offered their seats to Parks is never discussed), her indignity is nothing compared to the assault suffered by a woman in New York last week who was dragged from a bench in a Bronx subway station and literally thrown off the platform onto the tracks. Her cell phone was stolen. Where is her statue? Where are the heart-rending stories of the woman assaulted by black male? Where are the school plays? Such assaults are frequent.

• Our minds are cloaked as we are supposed to believe that fair housing means 'fair housing.' Local communities are forced to include government subsidized housing projects or suffer reprimands and reprisals. The federal government may withhold tax dollars from the community until it complies, or the town may be sued by non-profits to force them into compliance. Communities reject federal housing, not because they are racists, but because such projects burned their neighborhoods with decreased property values, violent crime, increased law enforcement costs, and burdens on local schools to accommodate special ed requirements. The civil rights of the imposers is precedent. The civil liberties of those imposed upon is never considered.

• Our minds are cloaked as we are convinced that government has an obligation to tell entrepreneurs who may and may not patronize their businesses. Why do we believe that Jim Crow laws existed to discriminate against people due to skin tone and hair texture? Why do we fail to understand that Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people from violent crime? How did we become blinded to the cause for the dearth of retail stores in Detroit? What black box has been constructed around reality that forces our minds to focus on the faux celebration and not on the truth?

• Our minds are cloaked as we believe that racial profiling is an offense to base human decency. The Department of Justice informs us that 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks; nearly all by black males between the ages of 18 and 49 who represent about 3 percent of the population. If white males, aged 60 to 70 were committing half of violent crimes, then I would recommend profiling white males aged 60 to 70. Behind the black box we see that about half the violent crime in America is being committed by three percent of the population.

Granted, the notion of hating others -- or even disliking them -- due to their ethnicity or other unchangeable characteristics is both immoral and illogical, it is equally insane to deny reality.

• Civil liberties beget civil rights

Note the employee is black.
If Jim Crow laws were intended to
discriminate against people with
dark skin tone and kinky hair,
he would not be in the picture.
An iconic photograph exists that pictures black males stubbornly sitting at a lunch counter. The photo was taken near the end of an era when civil liberties eclipsed civil rights.

We are supposed to believe that those sitting at the counter were defying Jim Crow laws that forced senseless segregation. A second look at the image, however, reveals that the employee was black. Obviously, Jim Crow wasn't prohibiting blacks from this establishment. Rather, those laws were encouraging civil rights.

Jim Crow encouraged civil rights? How so?

Clearly blacks (and others) who behaved themselves with civility were welcomed to patronize the restaurant. Entrepreneurs who rejected customers due to skin tone would find their cash registers lighter than the competitor who welcomed all who paid their bills and behaved themselves. That is, those who behaved themselves with civility were rewarded with 'civil rights' to patronize the establishment. Jim Crow laws didn't keep black out of establishments, as seen in the photo. Rather, they allowed business owners to penalize disruptive customers with denial of service while rewarding civil patrons with the right to be served.

Granted there were those whose bigotry flatly refused service to all blacks. These businesses were punished, not by the government, but by a loss in revenue. Business owners enjoyed the civil liberty of decided which individuals were worth darkening the doors of their stores and which individuals were more interested in shoplifting than shopping. Today, businesses are forced to welcome all. The net result is the abandon of Detroit by retail chains leaving well-behaved Detroiters without their civil rights.

Such is seen in any metropolitan area where taxi drivers, unencumbered by prying eyes of government enforcement, naturally apply Jim Crow when deciding which fares to allow in their back seats.  It's also seen in shopping malls with close proximity to urban areas. To ferret out misbehaving black teens, the centers bar all teens without adult supervision. It's Jim Crow, plain and simple.

Personally, I advocate both civil rights and civil liberties in their true forms, not in the government-enforced counterfeits offered by Marxists.

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