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January 6, 2013

Vanderbilt was unable to
afford an iPhone, car, or
Chicken McNuggets.
Consider the poor American man who is unable to afford a car. Things that most middle-class Americans take for granted are out of his financial reach. He has no iPhone, no lap-top computer, and can't afford Internet access. This poor American is unable to acquire basic health care treatments such as CAT scans or electrocardiograms. This guy is so poor he can't even buy an order of Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds.

Relative to our ability to purchase goods and services, Cornelius Vanderbilt lived in abject poverty in spite of a $143 billion fortune (inflation adjusted). We, on the other hand, are advanced upper class Americans, attested by the computer screen that sets in front of you.

No one has ever had it so good as today's Americans; not even the uber-wealthy.

So why is Barack Obama so concerned about class struggles?

Specifically, his emphasis on caring for the 'middle class' is becoming more prevalent as he continues to bring class warfare to the forefront of his Marxist agenda.

That raises a question: What is the middle class?

The question was posed to Sen. Elizabeth Warren who flatly refused to offer an explanation, let alone a definition.

That raises another question: How can liberals effectively protect the middle class from the evils of the upper class if they don't know how to identify either?

I'm here to help.

Divide America's households into thirds based on this year's annual income. The top 33.3333 percent are the upper class, the middle 33.3333 are the middle class, and the lower 33.3333 are the lower class.

Now to tweak.

Divide he world's historical population into thirds based upon their ability to purchase goods and services. Based upon historical understanding of classes, virtually all Americans are in the advanced upper class.

Back to Vanderbilt.

Cornelius Vanderbilt amassed a $143 billion fortune (inflation adjusted). Vanderbilt, however, could not afford to buy a car, an iPhone, or simple vacuum cleaner.  He also was unable to afford a CAT Scan, an electrocardiogram, or most any advanced medical treatment. Computers, televisions, and the Internet were also out of Vanderbilt's reach. Therefore, we could conclude that those who have cars, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, access to advanced medical treatment, computers, televisions and Internet access are in a higher class than was Vanderbilt.

Relative to his contemporaries, Vanderbilt was phenomenally wealthy. Relative to me and you, he lived in abject poverty. Even his mansions wouldn't be considered suitable living conditions by today's standards; no central air and no gas heat, no modern plumbing, ad infinitum.

Drive across America and take note. Virtually every American has indoor plumbing. The difference between 'upper' and 'middle' classes is how far they have to walk to the bathroom. Middle class Americans have shorter walks because they live in smaller houses. Upper class Americans have longer walks to the loo because they live in bigger houses. Upper class Americans shorten their walks (or runs, depending on what was in the taco salad) by adding bathrooms. Nearly all middle class and upper class Americans have central heat and on-demand electricity in their homes. We travel down the Interstate in vehicles that, based on casual observation, routinely exceed 70 mph. The difference between upper and middle class Americans is not automobile vs horse-and-buggy. The difference is that upper class Americans drive cars with  more useful whistles and bells.

Free markets have effectively erased the class system that spawned the Marxist insanity to which Obama-Chavez style leftists cling. Nonetheless, they continue to perpetuate class struggle.

Obama has convinced Americans that it is a fundamental right to own a cell phone, something not even Vanderbilt could afford.

Post script.

Anyone besides me notice this?

Photographs from the 19th century reveals that men seemed to care little about combing their hair.

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  1. "Middle class", in its substance, goes back beyond the yeoman class of England to the old Norse notion of the allodium -- a self-sufficient head-of-household. Self-sufficiency is defined as being in possession of the requisite skills and resources to form a viable family. Viable family means he sires offspring that are themselves able to form viable families.

    In this regard, Warren isn't -- or at least wasn't, prior to her entry into public life -- nearly as greater a hypocrite as you've let on. See her pre-public-service lecture, "The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class":