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January 4, 2013

Rosa Parks statues pop up now and again.

There is one in Washington, DC. The statue pictured to the right in in Eugene, Oregon.

Americans honor Parks as the iconic victim of racism. She faced the indignity of being forced to stand when there were no seats available in the black section of a racially segregated bus.

No black male passengers were courteous enough to surrender a seat to Parks. That's never considered. Political correctness demands we focus solely on the racial perspective.

It also demands that we ignore the racial perspective when non-blacks are victimized.

A case in point -- which I refer to as a 'Rosa Parks moment' -- occurred this week in the Bronx area of New York City. A mob of black girls snatched an iPod from another girl (presumed white) who was awaiting a ride at a bus stop. The mob also scratched their victim's face.

And it demands that we ignore the reason for Jim Crow laws; segregated buses in particular. The reason Jim Crow laws existed was to protect non-blacks from black crime and violence.

I wonder: Will anyone build a statue to this victim of black rascality? Or will we continue to ignore the frequent racist attacks that occur on our transit systems because they are black-on-white?

It seems fair to me.

An act of rudeness that occurred half-a-century ago commands a slew of statues because of racial overtones. Surely, a criminal act that involves theft and assault should also command a slew of statues if it includes racial overtones.

I'm not saying the Parks statues should be removed, I'm merely suggesting that we be consistent. Or, to apply a favorite liberal term, 'justice' needs to be applied.

As it turns out, the black girls who swiped the iPod used the device to snap their own pics posing as Vogue-style models. The owner of the iPod was able to access her device remotely and views the (alleged) thieves' photographs. Those, in turn, were given to the cops who published them. You may see two of them to the right.

Now, I'm not making a suggestion. But I wonder what the fallout would be if someone were to splatter manikins with red paint and dump a truck load of them next to a Rosa Parks statue as a gesture honoring those victimized by blacks on mass transit systems.

Consider the white man being brutally beaten by a black woman on a Philadelphia bus. Compare the indignity and racial hatred he endured with that of Rosa Parks. Then ask why Parks deserves a statue while this year's victim was largely ignored by the media outside Philadelphia. [continued below video]

As you watch this man being beaten, consider the reason why Jim Crow laws existed. We hear that white people are brutal beasts who are racially driven to attack blacks at random. We see the opposite. I know of no video in which a white woman randomly selected a black male passenger and beats him.

Earlier this week a black male was charged after (allegedly) attacking a bus driver in Chicago, causing the vehicle to crash into a car.

Black-on-white violence on public transportation systems is so common that white people generally avoid such services.

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