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January 31, 2013

There are several causes for persistent violent crime in America's black neighborhoods.

These include:

White racism (white privilege and discrimination)
The Second Amendment (guns rights)
Lack of late-night community centers
Global warming
• Football

The most recent to be added to the list is football.

Not on the list is genetics.

Liberals will continue to evade reality in their quest to contend with violence in black communities. This should not be surprising. Consider: If liberals were to embrace reality they would not be liberals.

Their strategy, however, will not include honesty. Liberals hate football because, they believe, it promotes violence. But that pitch won't sell. Liberals foster their foolishness upon the rest of us by emphasizing victims. In the war on football the victims are the players themselves.

While the dangers are real, the exaggerations are not. Liberals could care less about the frontal lobes of footballers. That's the excuse. Their real worry is the masculine, macho mindset that permeates America. Liberals need a docile social structure to proliferate. Football defies that structure.

We saw this pattern back in the early 1970s when the war on enterprise was waged on the environmentalist front. Realizing the nuclear freeze wasn't gaining  traction, liberals flipped to advance the notion of global pollution to set our minds against free markets. The lesson: Free markets cause pollution that kills us. Now that global warming has lost its traction, liberals have taken to calling it 'climate change' and themselves 'progressives'.

It is the dance between the liberal media and government as they impose their will upon us. Football, a major cause of testosterone, particularly in young black males, will face increased attacks from the left. It will interesting to watch it unfold; particularly since the liberals can't use 'racism' to attack football.

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  1. Professional Football keeps millions of Whites drugged and stupid, is a platform for marxist sermonizing and offers one of the few non-fictional positive portrayals of blacks so I doubt we're going to see "liberals" attack it anytime soon. It's too valuable in sedating Whites and uplifting non-Whites.

  2. 1. Recreation centers cause and breed black juvenile crime, not prevent it.

    2. I have called for a one-season moratorium on all football, mainly for Sandusky penance, but also to examine all the immorality, crime and idiocy we tolerate in the name of football, and to de-addict our people from the opiate of football.