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January 2, 2013

Which came first?

Obama embracing the Lincoln legacy? Or Spielberg deciding to make a movie deifying Lincoln as the consummate deal-maker whose 1863 'fiscal cliff' was the 13th amendment?

I can image the latter.

Is there a conspiracy afloat?

Spielberg, enamored with Obama truncating American exceptionalism, purposed to make a movie in which Honest Abe would be analogous to America's first half-white president. The movie would appeal to older Republican types who would absorb the Lincoln's screen effigy and transfer that image via superimposition onto the current man in the White House. When Obama is tested by the resolve of a few courageous Congressmen, the brains of the old Republican types would kick into cyborg mode and cheer on the 'Lincoln' personifier.

A more realistic comparison would be that of Obama and the gauche Lincoln automobile churned out by Detroit in the 1970s.

Like the Lincoln, Obama is openly audacious (a palatable term for 'arrogant'), oversized and excessively wasteful.

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