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January 21, 2013

According to Rev. Ronald Braxton, Obama is like Moses standing at the Red Sea. Forward is the only option, he says, playing on the first black president's campaign theme. Braxton, who is also black and currently leads the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington where the Obamas now attend, proceeded to lead the congregation in chanting 'forward.'

The similarities between Moses and Obama may be limited, but no more so than those between Lincoln and Obama. Steven Spielberg's recent movie about Lincoln seemed to coincide with the first black president's sparring with conservatives in congress over his Obamacare dictates. To oppose Obama, our sub-conscious minds are supposed to believe, is to oppose Lincoln.

So who is it? Moses or Lincoln? Can Obama truly be both?

Obama, himself, adds to the confusion by frequently citing his admiration for Lincoln. He even placed his hand on Lincoln's Bible when taking his oath of office. Martin Luther King's Bible was added to create the proverbial 'stack of Bibles'  upon which Obama swore.

Add Franklin Roosevelt to the list.

It seems the president has an identity problem. No one knows who he really is, and so they superimpose other personalities to fill the void. There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- in Obama's past résumé that qualifies him to be the leader of a nation.

What to do? Pretend he's someone else.

My summation is that the efforts by Obamabots to lionize their dear leader suggests the man leading them 'forward' has no leadership qualities of his own. Consider Al Sharpton's recent suggestion that the visage of Obama be carved into Mt. Rushmore. He was serious.

Recall that Reagan, for example, stood on his own merit. He didn't need to be compared to another because he was, as they say, incomparable.

Not so, Mr. Obama. He must be compared to Moses, Lincoln, FDR, MLK and, yes, even Reagan to give him an aura of greatness. He has none of his own.

Obama clearly has an identity problem. Is he truly Barack Obama? Or is he Barry Soetoro? Was he a community leader and, if so, what did he accomplish? Anything of substance? Is he home grown? Or is he Kenyan? Does he have family roots? If so, they seem distant at best.

The real Obama resides somewhere in the darkness, hidden from the light by a shadowy past. He won't even release his academic records. Was he truly the genius? Talkster Maureen Dowd attempted to peek behind the veil by asking why the "brilliant" president with a "super-brain" hasn't resolved the nation's ills.

The truth is, if you toss a rock into a micro-minivan full of 1960s hippies, you'd  hit an Obama. In other words, he's nothing special. He's no more qualified to lead the nation than a nine-year-old sitting in for an air traffic controller.

(Capture the image. Imagine air traffic controllers getting caught allowing a child to call in the passenger jets. They respond by comparing the lad to the most seasoned and respected traffic controllers.)

It could be that those who are following Obama forward off the cliff and into the abyss of a Marxist America are, themselves, in denial. By attempting to impose another identity on him -- be it Moses, Lincoln, or FDR -- they are masking their own ineptitude.

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