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January 14, 2013

South Africa's news media were anxious to report a crime anomaly: A white gang was caught on video bombing an ATM.

Apparent light distortions made this black ATM bomber
appear to be white. That prompted the media to emphasize
the gang's ongoing crime spree.
A report emphasizing the race of the criminals was widely published as images from security cameras clearly showed white faces behind ski masks.

Arrests were made the following day. It turns out the culprits in the notorious ATM crime spree were not white after all. They were black. Neon lighting had apparently distorted the true color of the criminal's skin.

The media were wrong in what they reported. And in what they didn't report.

Hundreds of ATM bombings have occurred in South Africa, we are told. The crime is so common that it seldom attacts national media attention. The media felt compelled to explode this particular crime spree because they supposed the perpetrators were white.

In fact, South Africa is home to over 3 million white people, about one third of whom live in abject poverty imposed upon them by the nation's racist wealth redistribution laws that favor the hiring of blacks. That newsworthy story somehow evades the prying eyes of South Africa's national media.

Also ignored by the media is the fact that nearly 4,000 farmers have been murdered in South Africa since the end of apartheid.

Below are links to the news stories from the South African media.

Sunday - White gang caught on security cameras.

Monday - White gang turns out to be black.

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Bombing ATMs

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