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January 18, 2013

Rush Limbaugh and "the far right" want to kill pregnant women. That's the conclusion implanted in the minds of those mindless enough to read the chatter and blather that emits from the bowels of "the far left" via canalis analis.

Limbaugh quipped earlier this week that abortion would end if guns were used to kill the children.

Enter balatronics.

The writ progresses to characterize pro-lifers as "far right" terrorists hell-bents on killing humans.

Now let me ask you: Does anyone here actually believe Rush Limbaugh wants to shot and kill pregnant women? If so, raise your left hands so we can tell who the imbeciles are. (Don't raise your right hands. You'll look like Nazis.)

Let's think.

The whole idea behind the pro-life movement is to save human lives, not snuff them out.

The whole idea behind the pro-choice movement is to snuff out human lives, not save them.


It is not Limbaugh nor his millions of minions who want to kill people. It is the so-called 'pro-choice' movement that actually is killing people.

The canalis analis emissions may be read here ►

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