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January 20, 2013

A few years ago there was a militant gay activist who took exception to my occasional articles on the health risks related to homosexuality. He responded by using a procedure called 'jamming' in which one's victim is attacked with a campaign designed to discredit, shame, stigmatize, and socially ostracize.

My response to this militant was the constant repetition of the question, "Why do you hate me?"

I never received an answer. And for good reason. Leftists don't know why they hate those with whom they disagree. Their hatred is a part of their mindless mindset. Or, as I often say, if liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals.

Nonetheless there is a need for justification. Liberals need a reason to hate; if not to satiate their own consciences, then to at give the appearance that their rancor is not irrational.

To that end they employ as self-sedating psychological system of justification in which they project badness upon the objects (us) of their hatred.  When they call us 'racists' without reason, they are creating that self-sedating justification for hatred. Without that superimposition of evil, their hatred is seen for what it is: Insanity.

They also call us homophobes, Islamophobes, racists, bigots, chauvinists, Uncle Toms, and a host of other pejoratives. It seems any hate term is acceptable as long as, (a), it applies to us and not them, (b), it doesn't begin with the letter 'n' and, (c) it gives them an excuse to hate us.

All possess the same purpose: To lend credence to their hatred by making us worthy of their hatred. And, ironically -- if not hypocritically -- they accuse us of hatred and our affinities as 'hate groups.'

Having been the victim of their vociferous hatred I can attest to the fact that there are no hate groups as heinous and hideous as those with a leftist agenda.

• Supremacist

I don't know where, how, or when this pejorative originated (etymology), but it seems to be relatively recent addition to the American lexicon of words used to evoke and excuse hatred.

Accuse an individual of being a 'white supremacist' and you instantly give others permission to despise that person.

The term nearly always applies exclusively to white people. It is infrequently used to describe blacks who hate non-blacks.

Generally, the term means 'my group is better than your group.' In short, 'supremacist' is synonymous to 'superiority,' the former being preferred because the latter can't be comfortably formed into a noun. 'Superioricist" is a bit cumbersome. It just doesn't sound right.

• When supremacy is justified

Based upon that understanding, supremacy is acceptable in some instances, such as sports teams in which cheerleaders are employed to open declare their group's supremacy and to encourage others to chant along open displays of bias and bigotry.

In other instances, such as race and ethnicity, supremacy is deemed devilish, even when one group is clearly superior to others.

Were someone to accuse me of being a supremacist, I suppose a fair answer would be, "Are we talking basketball or ice hockey?"

If basketball, then I would be a black supremacist. If ice hockey, I would be a white supremacist.

Another question would be, "Are we talking country-western music or soul music (and all it varied progenies)? If country-western, then I would be a white supremacist. If soul, then a black supremacist.

How about this: "Are we talking intellect or innovation?" If intellect, then I would be an East Asian supremacist, as that people group clearly has an intellectual advantage. If innovation, then I would opt for white supremacist, as white people have historically blessed humanity with an abundance of life-enhancing inventions, such as the light bulb, computer, heart valve and velcro.

If we were talking speed, accuracy, and endurance, I would opt for Hurryin' Hoosiers over Boiler Makers because I prefer to live peaceably with my neighbors.

See another perspective here: Jared Taylor: Liberal Name Calling

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