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January 13, 2013

Forcing whiteopian communities to adopt segments of the undertow through coercive housing laws is a means to redistribute wealth. 

When the Taylor Housing Commission in Michigan let it be known that 1,000 applications would be available, about 4,000 showed up. Their mission was to get on a waiting list. The list would put them in line* to receive tax-subsidized housing allowance known as Section 8.

The demand for Section 8 aid is substantial because it not only pays rent directly to landlords, but also subsidizes utilities.

Some showed up the night before.

Chaos erupted. Fights broke out. The cops were called to calm the melee.

The mess in Michigan is another example of government ineptness. Offering assistance to people with physical or mental infirmities is a worthy and noble cause. Leave it to the government to screw it up.

Such programs should be left to the private sector. Not only would funds be more efficiently distributed, but the cronyism that typifies wealth-redistribution projects would be minimized.

Urgency to integrate


Consider Sunnyvale, Texas; a small Texas community that encompasses less that 17 square miles. The town was sued by a Dallas non-profit organization in an effort to force Sunnyvale to allow low-income housing.

Let's rephrase.

The town was sued by an out-of-town activist group hell-bent on forcing Sunnyvale to integrate.

What's happening in Taylor, Michigan and Sunnyvale, Texas is occurring across the nation.

In 2005 Sunnyvale entered into an agreement with the group to set aside an area zoned for "multifamily," low rent housing. Six years later the tiny Texas town of about 5,000 residents was still doing battle in court. The community proposed rezoning an area designated for a future industrial park.

One has to wonder why there is an urgency to integrate Sunnyvale. After all, there's ample low-rent, government-subsidized housing in Mesquite, Dallas, and Balch Springs.

The issue, obviously, is not a lack of low income housing. The problem is a nice, white suburb whose residents aren't paying their 'fair share' of the undertow's high cost.

Forced integration is wealth redistribution

According to the 2010 census,  the ethnic "makeup of the town was 88.9% White, 2.60% African American, 0.71% Native American, 4.6% Asian, 2.23% other races, and 0.93% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.38% of the population."

What's worse, the town's median annual household income was just under $70,000.

That's something liberals cannot tolerate.

Even though there were only 891 households in Sunnyvale, the liberals can leave no stone unturned. There is no community in America, regardless of size, that can be ignored. There can be no white outposts. And low-income housing is the vehicle the government uses to mandate its Marxist agenda.

Some communities are dependent on federal dollars to underwrite their infrastructure. Other communities, like Sunnyvale, manage to avoid that trap. Nonetheless, they still become ensnared by federal 'fair-housing' mandates (or, 'dictates'). These government mandates allow non-profit activist groups to force integration through legal action.

On the surface, the Taylor, Michigan riot is a mere reminder of the folly of government attempting to provide housing benefits. Beneath the surface we see the motive behind the government's housing programs: An agenda to force integration.

Think of government-forced integration as a code for forced wealth redistribution.

Redistribution of obligation

The American mind has been thoroughly purged of any notion that would welcome segregation. Our brains have been successfully reformed to fit the mold: Segregation is evil.

Following the syllogism, if segregation is evil, then forced integration must be good.

In spite of the brainwashing, there remains intact an innate sense of survivalism that compels white people to flee crime-infested trashy black neighborhoods. White people find more than mental solace and physical safety in the solitude of towns like Sunnyvale. They also avoid the high costs inherent to black communities, such as increased police protection, mass transit, special education, etc.

Social engineers cry 'foul'.

When white flight occurs, they take their money with them. That places an added burden on communities like Dallas and eases the burden on towns like Sunnyvale.

That, in the minds of Marxists, constitutes a social injustice that must be remedied by government dictate.

The Marxist solution is to force Sunnyvale to effectively adopt a segment of the Dallas undertow. The community is forced by federal dictate to provide low-rent, high-crime and high-maintenance housing. That redistribution of people is applied to thousands of communities like Sunnyvale as they are forced to adopt segments of the undertow.

Once a Sunnyvale housing project is stocked with imports from the Dallas undertow, the town will see in increase in crime and will, necessarily, spend more of the local tax revenue on law enforcement. Dallas will spend a little less. Sunnyvale taxpayers will find themselves covering the cost of special education needs. Dallas will spend a little less. Multiply that scenario by every community in America's Whiteopia.

Blame the government's inane forced integration program for the riot in Taylor, Michigan. Then imagine those rioters moving in your neighborhood by force of government dictate through fair housing laws, desegregation mandates, and a host of other civil rights laws.

Those of us who object will be summarily demonized as 'racists.' That's in spite of the fact that real racism has rendered white communities in America illegal.

* Or "queue" to our friends in Britain, S Africa, Australia, etc.

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  1. "Think of government-forced integration as a code for forced wealth redistribution."

    It is much, much more than that. It is a plan to drastically decrease the number of whites and increase the number of browns and blacks.

    You can redistribute money from whites without destroying their neighborhoods and encouraging miscegenation. It was no accident that the newly-selected Miss America has a black boyfriend who works on Wall Street.

    There is a heavy anti-White racial aspect of these laws. Let there be no mistake about this.

  2. the government is telling us it's wrong for there to be groups or gatherings or corporations of all-white people. the gov't does not want white people to assemble. the gov't is anti-white. panjoomby