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January 3, 2013

Last night's earthquake in Alaska and its subsequent tsunami warning (now cancelled) are expected to provide new fodder for both global warming alarmists and Christian eschatologists.

Note to global warming or "climate change" alarmists:

"For quakes above M7.0, there has been no important annual rise in frequency since 1900, according to the USGS. But reporting of quakes of M6.0-M6.9 seems to have risen perceptibly.

"That lesser earthquakes are reported with increasing frequency since the establishment of a seismic network likely owes to the continuing proliferation of seismic stations around the Earth." [source]

Note to "sign of the Second Coming" eschatologists:

Some relate a supposed increase in earthquakes to the Second Coming of Jesus. They cite dialog between Jesus and his disciples as recorded in Matthew's gospel, chapter 24. 

Jesus, however, didn't predict an increase in earthquakes. Rather, he merely noted that earthquakes in divers (various) places would be an indicator that the latter days had arrived. Specifically he said, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." (See Matthew 24:7.)

Earthquakes naturally and commonly occur in "diverse places." There are well over 1 million earthquakes and tremors recorded each year. About 25 'significant' quakes (2.5>) occur every day. 

Quakes are essential to sustain life

Christian apologist, astrophysicist, and old-earth creationist Hugh Ross notes that earthquake activity is necessary to sustain life and points to their common occurrence as evidence for intelligent design. 

Ross published an article by Dr. David Rogstad in 2007 that said, "One of the benefits from plate tectonics is that Earth maintains the right levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere to compensate for the Sun’s increasing luminosity. This is accomplished by what is called the carbonate-silicate cycle. CO2 is removed from the atmosphere through weathering."

Citing an article in Nature magazine, Rogstad adds, "Oxygen becomes bound up in various oxides which are then drawn into the Earth’s interior, where various processes result in its being incorporated into an exotic mineral called majorite. The results reported in this letter established that majorite functions as a kind of 'reservoir' for oxygen, and when the majorite ascends nearer to the surface of the Earth it breaks down and releases its oxygen. Some of this oxygen also binds with hydrogen released from the interior of the Earth to form water. The authors have referred to the whole process as an 'oxygen elevator.' They go on to say that without the ‘oxygen elevator’ in its mantle the Earth would probably be a barren planet hostile to life." 

Apparent biblical conflicts

There is, therefore, a bit of conflict between Christian eschatology and creationism regarding the proper spin on earthquake activity. Eschatologists find it convenient to tout an astounding increase in seismic activity to validate their notion that Jesus is about to return. Creationists, however, find it preferable to admit that earthquakes have been common all along and provide evidence for intelligent design. 

Earthquakes to date

There have been 100 earthquakes of note reported during the first 4 days of 2013. 

This is normal. 

Below is a list of quakes 2.5 and higher so far this year (as of 9:29 am est Jan 5).

4.8106km E of Maindong, China31.301°N86.530°E27.0
2.96km W of Hormigueros, Puerto Rico18.149°N67.185°W20.0
4.374km SW of Firuzabad, Iran28.415°N51.980°E10.0
2.68km WNW of Cobb, California38.841°N122.824°W2.4
5.191km WSW of Craig, Alaska55.235°N134.527°W9.8
4.985km WSW of Coquimbo, Chile30.341°S72.107°W9.4
4.0122km W of Craig, Alaska55.520°N135.087°W9.9
2.923km NW of Coldfoot, Alaska67.387°N150.617°W9.7
2.550km SW of Anchor Point, Alaska59.515°N152.571°W100.7
4.8144km S of Sitka, Alaska55.759°N135.451°W7.0
3.36km N of Anza, California33.613°N116.664°W3.8
3.061km NNE of Talkeetna, Alaska62.788°N149.473°W67.0
4.2133km WNW of Craig, Alaska55.736°N135.211°W16.2
4.5103km WSW of Craig, Alaska55.102°N134.634°W9.2
4.7133km W of Craig, Alaska55.541°N135.252°W9.9
7.594km W of Craig, Alaska55.368°N134.621°W9.8
2.860km SSW of Goldfield, Nevada37.187°N117.417°W9.7
2.934km ESE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands18.281°N64.319°W82.0
4.662km SSE of Jiwani, Pakistan24.516°N61.933°E10.0
4.835km SSW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan36.399°N71.343°E113.9
4.5138km S of False Pass, Alaska53.613°N163.604°W23.4
5.497km WNW of Naze, Japan28.736°N128.580°E39.0
5.1Mid-Indian Ridge13.206°S66.744°E10.0
3.176km E of Road Town, British Virgin Islands18.417°N63.889°W25.0
3.4116km N of Road Town, British Virgin Islands19.465°N64.644°W50.0
2.918km SE of Honoka'a, Hawaii19.983°N155.327°W11.9
3.611km W of Delta, Mexico32.335°N115.317°W10.0
2.8119km NW of Talkeetna, Alaska63.160°N151.560°W2.2
5.1152km S of Isangel, Vanuatu20.904°S169.548°E73.3
3.267km E of Cantwell, Alaska63.446°N147.600°W2.9
3.8149km WSW of Amatignak Island, Alaska50.634°N179.017°E15.3
4.937km SE of Madang, Papua New Guinea5.427°S146.071°E36.3
4.728km ENE of Palora, Ecuador1.586°S77.702°W191.3
4.968km NNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia1.336°N127.095°E129.3
3.127km NNE of Kodiak, Alaska58.002°N152.175°W0.1
4.643km ESE of Iwaki, Japan36.910°N141.338°E63.5
5.167km SE of Hihifo, Tonga16.437°S173.375°W9.9
4.5235km NW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands22.221°N143.504°E146.0
4.8160km ESE of Raoul Island, New Zealand29.833°S176.381°W52.7
4.326km N of Piru, Indonesia2.825°S128.198°E54.7
4.611km WSW of Santa Cruz de Bucaral, Venezuela10.771°N69.368°W20.6
4.65km N of Maniace, Italy37.929°N14.795°E9.2
4.886km NNW of Hihifo, Tonga15.193°S173.948°W83.3
4.4Fiji region17.226°S177.251°W419.9
3.327km E of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic18.567°N68.144°W73.0
4.69km SSE of Asahi, Japan35.641°N140.703°E39.0
3.050km NE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands18.771°N64.317°W41.0
4.869km E of Hualian, Taiwan23.996°N122.282°E30.2
4.7285km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia7.367°S128.797°E141.3
3.78km SSW of Boley, Oklahoma35.421°N96.518°W5.0
4.7Kuril Islands46.024°N152.750°E34.4
4.146km E of Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan39.756°N73.785°E17.0
3.427km NE of Soledad, California36.564°N121.071°W8.8
2.846km S of Estacion Coahuila, Mexico31.778°N115.076°W10.0
2.513km SE of Borrego Springs, California33.179°N116.258°W9.9
2.829km W of Pepeekeo, Hawaii19.816°N155.385°W25.4
3.185km ESE of Old Iliamna, Alaska59.357°N153.617°W135.9
2.6176km S of Adak, Alaska50.305°N176.393°W41.7
3.211km N of Ridgeway, Alaska60.639°N151.057°W56.5
2.842km WSW of Cohoe, Alaska60.233°N152.018°W27.6
4.39km ESE of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, Mexico16.303°N95.147°W18.9
4.387km SSW of Chirilagua, El Salvador12.453°N88.318°W49.0
4.851km S of Makubetsu, Japan44.905°N141.788°E10.0
2.76km WNW of Cobb, California38.837°N122.799°W2.5
2.932km ENE of Healy, Alaska63.944°N148.336°W105.0
4.7178km ESE of Iwaki, Japan36.457°N142.740°E35.8
4.4101km S of Pirgos, Greece34.086°N25.087°E9.9
2.58km W of Cobb, California38.810°N122.823°W2.2
2.88km E of Paonia, Colorado38.883°N107.495°W1.0
4.47km N of Imphal, India24.886°N93.958°E65.7
4.4118km NE of Miyako, Japan40.329°N143.007°E24.4
3.352km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico18.904°N67.343°W5.0
4.585km SSW of Chirilagua, El Salvador12.470°N88.327°W41.2
3.442km N of Camalu, Mexico31.228°N116.126°W5.3
4.3106km WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua12.251°N88.297°W71.0
2.554km WNW of Talkeetna, Alaska62.547°N151.045°W80.2
5.438km SW of Laiwui, Indonesia1.577°S127.405°E27.5
4.7225km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan37.538°N143.613°E47.8
4.7237km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan37.441°N143.709°E29.8
2.622km NE of Soledad, California36.589°N121.186°W4.9
4.4Izu Islands, Japan region30.220°N138.550°E431.4
2.5120km E of King Salmon, Alaska58.649°N154.589°W134.1
2.865km S of Adak, Alaska51.298°N176.777°W34.3
2.81km SE of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands18.333°N64.922°W119.0
4.64km SSE of Riofrio, Colombia4.121°N76.280°W144.8
4.5250km N of Tobelo, Indonesia3.970°N127.684°E145.0
4.6110km WNW of Luwuk, Indonesia0.611°S121.857°E13.6
4.5255km S of Sidorukun, Indonesia10.883°S113.856°E5.1
4.313km NNE of Cauquenes, Chile35.858°S72.267°W38.0
2.555km NNW of Kodiak Station, Alaska58.176°N153.118°W22.4
4.415km ESE of Hualian, Taiwan23.938°N121.748°E10.0
4.395km SSE of Obihiro, Japan42.097°N143.538°E74.3
2.6210km SE of Akutan, Alaska52.746°N163.635°W28.8
4.8250km N of Chichi-shima, Japan29.347°N142.284°E34.2
4.476km WSW of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea4.518°S151.561°E86.0
3.092km E of Nikolski, Alaska53.027°N167.497°W34.9
3.2157km NE of Chignik Lake, Alaska57.128°N156.736°W91.8
4.831km WSW of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua12.606°N87.704°W91.1
2.957km W of Anchor Point, Alaska59.822°N152.855°W98.8
2.58km ESE of Ridgemark, California36.776°N121.288°W8.2
4.731km SW of Santa Cruz, Chile34.836°S71.601°W44.5
4.997km SSW of Sungaipenuh, Indonesia2.928°S101.136°E41.1
4.212km SW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan36.594°N71.439°E141.8
2.921km NNW of Coalinga, California36.324°N120.426°W12.7
3.336km NW of The Bottom, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba17.838°N63.512°W103.0
4.825km WSW of Sinabang, Indonesia2.378°N96.175°E38.3
2.645km WNW of Kodiak Station, Alaska57.846°N153.348°W41.5
3.376km WSW of Cantwell, Alaska63.134°N150.465°W113.2
4.985km WNW of Laiwui, Indonesia1.054°S126.957°E13.3
2.559km S of Deltana, Alaska63.337°N145.280°W3.9
2.6175km S of False Pass, Alaska53.285°N163.123°W57.6
4.4136km NW of Saumlaki, Indonesia7.168°S130.355°E10.0
2.712km NE of Fritz Creek, Alaska59.809°N151.120°W43.2
4.526km NNW of El Hoyo, Argentina26.809°S63.347°W565.3
2.816km NNW of Healdton, Oklahoma34.360°N97.585°W5.0
3.477km NE of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic19.075°N67.882°W126.0
4.4112km NNW of Sikabaluan, Indonesia0.207°S98.546°E47.3
4.962km NW of Nago, Japan26.920°N127.470°E98.2
4.6112km WNW of Gizo, Solomon Islands7.580°S155.964°E83.9
4.0North Indian Ocean1.950°N91.180°E10.0
4.7193km W of Davila, Philippines18.692°N118.757°E20.1
5.7274km SE of Vostok, Russia46.904°N151.023°E48.7
3.351km SW of Nikolski, Alaska52.655°N169.476°W11.5
2.844km SW of Nikolski, Alaska52.607°N169.242°W2.8
2.762km SSE of Little Sitkin Island, Alaska51.418°N178.806°E40.5
4.593km SSW of Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico15.586°N98.458°W9.8
4.540km SW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan36.451°N71.190°E113.0
4.616km SSE of Hachinohe, Japan40.358°N141.540°E100.5
3.263km N of Nome, Alaska65.070°N165.466°W101.6
2.767km N of Brenas, Puerto Rico19.073°N66.357°W21.0
3.2144km NNE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands19.679°N64.281°W29.0
2.9106km SE of Yunaska Island, Alaska51.975°N169.566°W



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