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January 10, 2013

• Nearly two hours on the telephone getting passed around the tech support dept and sales.

• Asked to repeat my serial numbers numerous times. (Tired of saying "Z as in zebra.")

• No one speaks good English.

• Was given bad information. ("You ordered the wrong toner cartridge") after he misunderstood the serial number.

• Never got an answer to my original question.

• Never was offered replacement or refund.

• Eventually lost contact when cable went offline and my phone (VoIP) was disconnected.

• Now I need to call Comcast (via cell phone) and see why my cable doesn't work.


Update: Next call they promised to send replacement printer cartridge. Woo hoo.

Jan 23 - nearly 2 weeks have lapsed. Toner replacement has not shown up.

Called Lexmark. During this ordeal I was passed around between four Lexmark Persons.

Spent first two minutes punching 1s and 2s and 3s per recording instructions. I refer to the recordings as "Lexmark Person #0".

• First I talked to Lexmark Person #1 in the Dispatch Department.

When a live human voice was finally heard, she couldn't find my account using my name, address, or order number even though it's printed on the invoice.

When Lexmark Person #1 couldn't find my account by my phone number she transferred me to Lexmark Person #2 in the Order Department.

• Second I talked to Lexmark Person #2 in the Order Department.

Lexmark Person #2 was equally clueless but managed to find my account. She then transferred me to the Hardware Department.

• Third I talked to Lexmark Person #3 person in the Hardware Department.

Time elapsed so far this call: 16:18

This person was also able to find my account. It turns out Lexmark had my phone number incorrect by one digit. After spending about five minutes rehearsing my problems to the woman in the hardware department, she decided to transfer me to the Service Delivery Team. Placed on hold for about five minutes. She gave me a tracking number.

• Fourth I talked to Lexmark Person #4 in the Service Delivery Team Department.

Time elapsed so far this call: 25:08

This person promised to permanently correct my phone number, but didn't seem to understand the concept of a unique account number (maybe there are  none). She promised to send another toner cartridge then said she need to call me back to obtain a clear connection.

Time elapsed: 29:00

Lexmark Person #4 said the replacement toner would be shipped the next business day via UPS and that I would receive shipping information via e-mail. This call lasted about 6 minutes.

My best guess is that the first replacement cartridge was shipped via FedEx and was not delivered by a lazy driver.

Total time on follow up call: 35:00

My next move is to visit the central post office and see if they happen to have a toner cartridge.

Total time on phone: Over 2.5 hours.

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