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January 13, 2013

By insisting a dark vein of intolerance resides in the Republican Party, Colin Powell reveals his own bigotry, hatred, racist agenda, and intolerance.


If ever there were a code word, a dog whistle, or a cliche to be exploited, it is the word "intolerance."

The word evokes images of white people berating blacks, forcing them to the back of the bus; denying them access to everything from lunch counters to high-paying jobs. It is intolerance that compels white folks to prefer classrooms without black students. It is intolerance that motivates whites to move to suburbs where black folks are seldom welcome due exclusively to their dark skin tone.

As such, the use of the word is patently racist. Why? Because it saddles white people with untrue and, therefore, unjust perception. And that introduces two other code words: prejudice (the unwarranted pre-judgement of others) and stereotype (unwarranted negative characteristics imposed on others).

When combined or used separately these three word -- intolerance, prejudice, and stereotype -- are pejorative code words when describing white people. They are racist.

Colin Powell, I conclude, is a racist.

In reality

In reality white people have been more tolerant and benevolent that any other people group.

While American Hispanics homogenize themselves through the race-based organization La Raza (The Race), white Americans send countless millions of dollars to support little brown children through charitable organizations such as the Christian Children's fund.

Do Hispanics send countless millions to support little white children? Have they ever? Will they ever? Or will they continue to excuse their self-serving interests with false stereotypes?

While American blacks rally themselves to a national association of self interest (NAACP), white people engage in innovation and invention that provides them with a higher standard of living than their ancestors imagined possible.

Although the agendas of the NAACP and The Race are focused exclusively on race -- even in their names -- they are unencumbered with the stigma of racism. Conservative movements, such as the Tea Party, are conversely saddled with the racist stereotype, even though their efforts are largely disinterested in racial issues.

White Americans freed sub-Saharan Africa from millenia of abject poverty, tribal warfare, and one-step-beyond stone-age culture. They were repaid with an unjust stigma called 'colonialism.' Even today white nations continue to contribute billions of dollars annually to support Africa's infrastructure. African nations send nothing to white nations other than immigrants.

White people are an innately benevolent people. Granted, they have a history of not tolerating crime committed by non-whites. But that hardly justifies the false stigma of intolerance.

There is nothing wrong with whites being charitable and benevolent. There is something grossly immoral with Colin Powell deriding them as 'intolerant.'

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