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January 28, 2013

Rodney King was the black male whose arrest prompted riots in Los Angeles in 1992. Commenting on the mayhem, a teary-eyed King wondered aloud, "Can't we all get along?"

The answer is, "No."

This was made evident last week in Compton, California where a Latino gang targeted a black family. The purpose, it appears, was to ethnically cleanse the neighborhood of blacks.

The altruistic quest for racial harmony is a noble ideal. The prospect of black and brown neighbors living side by side in crime free towns and cities is, however, a pipe dream. Such ideals deny human behavior. They dismiss the hard-wired synoptic firings that are imposed upon us by generations of evolution spanning thousands of years.

Social psychologists can tinker and tamper with our minds in an effort to modify our behavior and religious moralists can successfully label our pre-programmed genetic script as 'sin nature' and supress it. In the end, however, our DNA will play the program of tribal survival and override any nuances of altruism fostered upon us by good-will seeking idealists.

Don't get me wrong. I believe it preposterous to dislike anyone because of their ethnicity. But contrary to popular opinion, denying observable innate human behavior is not a necessary component of anti-racism, nor must we live in a mental vacuum that refuses to accept reality for what it is.

The sign reads, "Justice for all minorities" (us) and implies
that justice should not be extended to the majority (them).
Even in their effort to advocate harmony,
innate tribalism shows through.
Reality is that humans are, by nature, tribal and their history is one of tribal warfare. That tribalism was made evident in the 1992 Los Angeles riots and again, last week, in Compton.

How tragic it is that we can't be honest and forthright in our conversation about race.

Personally, I make an effort to get along with everyone. However, I see no reason to set aside reality. Reality is that young black males are statistically more prone to violent crime than the population as a whole. Middle-aged East Asian women almost never commit violent crime. Consequently, I find casual social interaction with East Asians more practical than with young black males.

Nonetheless, I acknowledge that ethnic tribalism occasionally leads to violent outbursts between whites and East Asians. Furthermore, I accept the reality that white people are seldom the instigators of inter-ethnic violence. See video below for an example.

Does that make me a racist? Only if one defines racism as an irrational suspension of reason.

If I need a brain surgeon, I'm not going to seek out the whitest Caucasian. Rather, I will look for the most qualified surgeon, regardless of ethnicity. That same principle of seeking the most qualified, regardless of race, is theoretically applied by NBA recruiters and should be the policy in hiring and immigration.

As the NBA doesn't recruit men who can't jump, Western culture should adopt qualification standards for immigrants. And scaling a fence is not an acceptable qualification. My refusal, therefore, to immerse myself in racial hatred doesn't require me to ignore the disabling and eventual demise of Western culture by the influx of incompetent hordes.

Do we really purge ourselves of racism by pretending that massive Hispanic immigration isn't weighing heavy on California's cultural and economic infrastructure? Can anti-racism be described as pretending that violent crime isn't disproportionately caused by blacks? How do such pretenses purge one of racism? Why must anti-racism and reality be at odds?

Must one suspend reality to abhor racism?

The realities revealed in Compton were, first, that heterogeneous communities invite tribal conflict whereas homogeneous communities do not. (Ethnic conflict is virtually unknown in Iceland and Cameroon.) Second, they revealed that ethnic groups have a natural tendency to gravitate towards homogeneous communities.

It is true that America is a nation of immigrants. But immigrants in the past were largely homogeneous, coming from Western Europe and a few from East Asia.

Again, I can and do get along with anyone of any ethnicity who desires to get along with me. My refusal to participate in the fray, however, doesn't make it go away.

Recall King's question was not, "Shouldn't we all get along?" Rather, his question was, "Can't we all get along?"

And the answer, again, is, "No."

The summation? (1) Although racism is both immoral and idiotic, (2) ethnic tribalism is hardwired into our genetic code and can't be over-ridden by Marxist mush. The acceptance of (2) does not cancel (1).

Below: East Asian mob attacks 3 three white people in Boston parking garage. Date unknown.

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