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January 30, 2013

He was a nice kid, barely 21 years old, and facing the world with optimistic naiveté.

Then, everything changed.

Brandon was jumped by a 'lynch mob' of white hoodlums. In a dramatic turn that proves white supremacy still rules in America, the young victim -- and not his attackers -- was sentenced to 12 years!

Now Brandon Jackson's mom is demanding justice.

If you accept the above scenario as accurate you are either (a) delusional or (b) dishonest.

Nonetheless, that is the story being fostered by the black-elitist web site, (, by the way, has been banned from posting on the site and its Facebook page.)

The narrative is familiar: White people are accused of racism whenever they defend themselves against black thuggery. Recall the travesty of Bernhard Goetz who was successfully sued for $43 million after defending himself during a subway mugging. More recently we watched the media frenzy as Hispanic George Zimmerman was hounded, hidden, and the jailed for defending himself after being pummeled by an 'unarmed' teenager.

In some cases, such as Jackson's, the evidence is so obvious that even a racially-mixed jury can see through the smoke. But as America's white population diminishes, we can expect white people to become increasingly vulnerable to racially motivated attacks and, when they defend themselves,  further punished by a white-hating judicial system.

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  1. If this was true, as depicted by NewsOne every American would already know about it. The racebaiters, Sharpton and Jackson would be holding press conferences all over Maryland, preaching racial justice. Also this would be the top story on every National News network in the country. The liberal media would wet themselves knowing they had a story like this to report. None of this happened. One has to ask themselves why? I tried a brief Google search to see if I could get an accurate report of what really happened, but I had no such luck. Anyone have a link?