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January 17, 2013

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  1. Several years ago, I signed up for a special, half-price offer. After I'd had three months of discount internet service with them, I told them to cut it off, which they did. I had it cut off because they couldn't seem to figure out that the discount service that I'd signed up for meant "Do not bill at full price".
    They've been billing me for monthly service at full price, ever since. They say that, as of last month, I owe them over $6,000.00... for three months of internet service.
    I wrote them that if it ever appeared on my credit record, or if a collector showed up, that I would sue them. So far, nothing.
    The pathetic part is that, according to a customer no-service rep, they could not even check their figures until the account was paid in full!
    My response was that if they ever sent me a correct bill, I would pay it in full.
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  2. I wouldn't have cable. For $80 you could have every channel available on Dish Network. Satellite is so much better than cable in every way.