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January 2, 2013

Rather than demonize
Southern whites
for imposing
Jim Crow laws,
we should demonize
those whose violent
criminal behavior
made such laws
I call them 'Rosa Parks' moments.

These are occasions when violent black passengers on public transportation demonstrate why Jim Crow segregation was a practical means of protecting innocent white people.

For the record, I have no problem riding a bus with persons whose genetic markers result in skin tone several shades darker than my own.

I do have a problem riding a bus with those who engage in violent criminal behavior.

The official script as demonstrated in the national media intentionally confuses the one with the other: The 'one' being color of skin, the other being 'content of character.'

The script, therefore, requires that Jim Crow be condemned and dismissed as irrational discrimination against others based on color of skin. In reality, Jim Crow was based on content of character. Blacks are more likely to engage in violent criminal activity and, therefore, were segregated from whites. The intent was not mindless segregation, but practical protection of whites from black crime.

In my humble opinion, the statue of Rosa Parks should be replaced with the bus driver who was brutally attacked by a passenger last week. Rather than demonize Southern whites for imposing Jim Crow, we should demonize Arnold Ward, 30, upon his conviction. Ward is accused of imposing a slug fest on the head of the bus driver, resulting in the vehicle to crash into a car and endangering the safety of both passengers and those the bus could have injured.

Click here to read the media version...

The script also requires that you condemn me as a racist, even though there is no living human being who despises racism more than I. It just so happens that my passion for the truth serves as a mental blocker that repels the nonsense fostered upon us by social engineers. The reality is that 52.2% of  homicides in America are committed by blacks, nearly all committed by black males aged 18-49 who comprise about 3 percent of the population.

Embracing the truth does not require one to be a racist.

If old white males comprised 3% of the population and committed about half of all violent crimes, then profiling old white males would be practical.

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