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January 22, 2013

Statisticians project two trends will culminate by 2041. 

The national debt - per American.
The combination of debt and demographics
point to a future in which debt increases
as the productive class decreases.
The first is an inescapable debt cliff. The other is an irreversible demographic shift.

The national debt currently exceeds $16 trillion, or $36,267 per American. That will will increase to $135,547 per person by the year 2036. (Recall that Joe Biden claimed Social Security would be secure through 2036 [source]).  

The demographic cliff is the point at which white Americans are no longer a majority, but the largest minority. That is projected to happen in 2041 [source]. 

Economists project that America's current trend will result in the nation "looking like Greece" by the year 2021 [source]. The Obama administration has stubbornly refused to address the debt crisis, other than to blame his predecessor for the dilemma. The prevailing White House sentiment seems to focus on demanding a fair share for non-whites, the outcome of misunderstanding free markets. By 2041 Marxists will have achieved their objective: We'll all be economically equal (destitute) with the exception of a privileged oligarchy. The white productive class will be unable to reverse the trend.

Demographers not only project that productive and innovative white Americans will decrease in proportion, they also refer to a 'silver tsunami' in which the baby-boomer generation ages, becomes less productive and demands more from the economy. A look at today's Japan gives us a glimpse into the future for aging white Americans. Japan's finance minister notoriously quipped this week that the elderly should 'hurry up and die' to ease their burden on taxpayers [source]. Likewise, elderly white Americans will not be welcome in America's cash-strapped near future. By 2041 most will be gone.

Furthermore economists predict that the cost of medicare will nearly quadruple by 2041. In 2010 the cost per enrollee was $12,090 per year. In 2040 it is projected to be $44,416 per year [source].

As America's demographics turn gray and brown, the economy goes deeper in the red.

The prevailing agenda being followed by forward-thinking progressives paints a hate-filled racist picture of white people, a delusional deception that even most white people believe. 

Not only are white people hated, they embrace that hatred in a neurotic sense of self guilt imposed upon by them social engineers [source].  Evidence of that is seen in the fact that many white people blush with guilt as they read this article. We're demonizing the white goose that lays the golden egg to justify having it for dinner.

Rather than express gratitude to White people for their massive technological contributions to civilization, whites are miscast as abusive and destructive racists who have profited on the backs of non-whites. There are few non-whites (actually, none that I can think of) who express their gratitude for the phenomenal increase in the world's standard of living. Instead, white people are unanimously blamed for every economic down-trend that occurs. 

Western civilization has literally made the world healthy and wealthy relative to the living standards of past millenia. Few seem to notice and those who do are stigmatized as 'white supremacists.'

The summation is that the white infrastructure that supports our nation's economy is perennially demonized. Consequently, as the nation's white population decreases proportionately, their positive economic impact will diminish. Indeed, non-whites will get a larger piece of the pie, but the pie will become exponentially smaller and, by 2041, will be gone. 

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  1. America lasting until 2041 seems extremely optimistic at this point. It's already dead as a meaningful corporate entity of shared culture and vision. The fiction of America as a nation is on life support and won't survive another four years of unrestrained communism.

  2. Two blacks who would probably credit white civilization:Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.