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January 24, 2013

Go ahead. Call me prejudicial, a bigot, or pinkophobe.

But I think it would be wise if the security at the nation's Capitol would keep an eye on folks who wear pink.

The reason?

An assortment of loons and leftists who pose as activists under the banner 'Code Pink' has a long history of causing intentional disruptions and havoc.

Such was the case this week when a pinkster interrupted the nomination hearing of John Kerry who, as you know, is Obama's pick to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State [watch video].

If security would simply take note of people wearing gawdy pink hats, pink sweaters, etc., they would be miles ahead in providing adequate security for all involved.

So where do I get this hateful, bigoted prejudice against people wearing pink?

From security themselves.

Granted, not everyone wearing pink is code-pinkster. Likewise, not everyone carrying a handgun plans to shoot up the place. As the cops profile gun toters they should also profile pink wearers. And if there is any other physical characteristic that lends itself to suggesting bad behavior, profiling would be appropriate.

Let me elaborate.

Let's suppose 52.2% of all homicides were committed by old white guys, nearly all oldsters between the age of 65 and 70. It would be appropriate -- even sensible -- for authorities to focus on that class of people.

We know, for example, that males are more prone to crime and violence that females. Refusing to acknowledge that fact is downright idiotic, pardon the non-technical term. We also know that East Asians are among the most well-behaved of people groups. Female East Asians -- with few exceptions -- generally make ideal citizens who rarely cross societal norms of criminal violence. It is nonsensical to treat female East Asians with the same suspicion of, say, black males, aged 18-49 who comprise 3 percent of the population but commit nearly half of all violent crime, including homicide.

Pinkster. Is that racist?

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