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December 23, 2012

James Taranto wants CNN's British talkster, Piers Morgan, sent packing.

Taranto's demand to deport Morgan began when the British citizen openly criticized the Second Amendment to the Constitution on his television talk show.

A tweet war ensued on Twitter with Morgan claiming First Amendment rights. Taranto countered that Morgan's rights to free speech were protected, but his presence in the United States is not. Taranto cited Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972) to back up his claim with legal precedence.

Things caught fire when Alex Jones' Inforwars launched a White House petition to the president. The petition demanded Morgan's ouster. It had exceeded the 25,000 signatures required to be reviewed by the White House.

The chances of Morgan being deported are about as likely as Texas seceding from the union by January 1. But the effort to oppose Morgan's anti-Constitution's opinion has captured the attention of the nation.

Morgan's rant drew media scrutiny when host Ted Nugent advised him to "Suck on my machine gun."

Taranto writes for the Wall Street Journal.

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