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December 7, 2012

Western civilization has developed over a span of nearly 25,000 years.

During the past 25 years our generation has witnessed the disabling of that ancient culture by social engineers with a misguided agenda. Their apparent intent is total destruction of Western civilization.

Consider this brief synopsis of our culture's ancient legacy:

4,700 years ago - Found: Oldest prehistoric town in Europe
5,000 years ago - Story of Otzi, the Iceman
6,000 years ago to present - British history timeline
7,000 years ago - Oldest human genome fragment extracted in Spain
9,500 years ago - Thatcham, England continuously occupied since Mesolithic era
24,000 years ago - DNA extracted from Sicilian skeletons: Caucasus ancestry

Assaulting white women is
increasingly common in Britain
Then consider the outcome of surrendering our culture by design to balkanization:

A British woman was recently raped in an alley, then abandoned by her attacker. As she lay beaten and  helpless in the dark of night, a passerby raped her again.

Earlier in October a Nigerian, branded a 'dangerous predator' by a judge, had his prison sentence cut from 12 years to 9 years. The predator was convicted of raping a woman in Aberdeen

It's tragic. We are not only tolerating such violence, we are literally inviting the genocide through unrestrained immigration.

Social engineers, through mass media and government educational venues, have saturated our minds with the peculiar notion that tolerance is a moral positive. Intolerance, we conclude, is immoral.

Some, however, are resistant to brainwashing and mind manipulation. They understand that, while intentionally inviting people groups with universal and historical track records of violent crime may constitute tolerance, it isn't a positive moral attribute. Rather, it smacks of an incredulous caving to a core Marxist dogma that demands social destabilization (agitation) as a prerequisite to effect change. Or, to phrase it in the vernacular, it's just plain stupid.

Here's are the stories:
Raped...then raped again by passer-by


Mustafa Yussuf
A WOMAN was raped in an alley — and then sexually assaulted AGAIN by a passer-by as she lay slumped on the ground.

Predator Mustafa Yussuf, 21, has been jailed for the first attack but the second rapist has not been caught. A court heard how the victim had left a club alone in Manchester in the early hours of New Year’s Day when she was suddenly marched down an alleyway by Yussuf.

She was barely able to stand after drinking heavily and Yussuf raped her before fleeing.

As the terrified victim lay helpless on the ground, she was then raped less than two hours later by another man who she thought had come to her aid. The traumatised woman had to rely on the help of strangers to get home after leaving her handbag in the club.

Manchester Crown Court heard her life had been shattered by her ordeal and she was now frightened to go out alone at night. Yussuf, 21, of Moss Side, Manchester, denied rape but was found guilty this month. Jailing him for seven years and nine months, Judge Martin Steiger QC said Yussuf had been “perfectly aware” she was too drunk to consent.

The second rapist is still being hunted by police. 

Rapist branded 'a dangerous predator' by judge has prison sentence cut

STV News
The son of a prominent Nigerian politician has had his jail sentence for raping a woman in Aberdeen reduced from 12 years to nine.

Ekene Anoliefo, who was branded “a dangerous predator” by a judge, succeeded in having his prison term cut at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

The 38-year-old rapist was jailed in May 2009 for the brutal rape of a 19-year-old woman in July 2008.

He was also convicted of six breach of the peace charges and an assault charge - however, these charges were later quashed by the Appeal Court in August 2012.

During his 2009 trial, the High Court in Aberdeen heard how Anoliefo stopped his car, pretending to help the teenager who had spent the night drinking with pals in a nightclub.

Once she was inside the vehicle, he refused to let her leave and drove her to his flat in city's Powis Place.

He then forced the terrified teen to watch pornography which he had downloaded on his computer before he forced her onto a bed, pinned her down, ripped off her clothes and raped her.

The court heard that his victim had suffered lasting psychological damage as a result.

Anoliefo, whose father is a politician in a regional Nigerian parliament, came to Scotland to study software engineering at Aberdeen University, was hoping to start a career in the Nigerian oil industry.

Passing sentence, judge Lord Pentland told Anoliefo: "You are, in my view, a dangerous predator who has not the slightest respect for women."

On Wednesday, Anoliefo's legal team succeeded in having his term for the rape charge cut by three years. Defence solicitor advocate Simon Collins told appeal court judges Lord Carloway, Lady Smith and Lord MacKay that the 12-year sentence was imposed because his client had been convicted of rape, assault and breach of the peace.

Mr Collins told the court that because the assault and breach of the peace convictions had been quashed, the 12 year term was "excessive".

Mr Collins also said that Anoliefo was a first offender and that a more lenient sentence should be imposed.

The Appeal Court judges agreed with Mr Collins and substituted the old term with the new one.

Anoliefo was told that he would be deported back to Nigeria upon his release from prison.

Lord Carloway said: "Your actions were entirely predatory. However, we agree with the essence of the appellant's submission. "We

have decided to substitute the 12 year term for nine years."


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