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December 15, 2012

2012-12-17 - College student's murder yields $10

Four blacks are accused of taking a sandwich, cellphone and two $5 bills from Cape Fear Community College student Joshua Proutey. They also took his life. Reports indicate that the night of the murder the four alleged killers decided to go to downtown Wilmington, NC and find a victim. A previous attempted robbery and home invasion had failed. Proutey, 19, was chosen at random. Proutey was remembered as a good student who had no enemies. [source]

2012-12-12 - Two Yale students attacked by mob of black teens

Black teens on bicycles have become the most recent phenomenon in black mob attacks. Groups of sixty or more black teens prey for victims. Sometimes the attack is nothing more than "apple picking" in  which the mob snatches cell phones (Apples) from unsuspecting white people.

A recent attack occurred in New Haven, Connecticut when two Yale students were attacked. Comments on a New Haven Register posts hoped the attacker "knocked the Democrat" out of the victims. Otherwise, the article was extremely vague. [source] Another report added statistics. There were two separate attacks in which the students were physically assaulted but not robbed. [source]

Neither article dared to mention the race of the attackers.

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