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December 3, 2012

Somewhere 'tis written in stone that every person who rejects belief in the supernatural must, by virtue of natural selection, embrace every aspect of the political and social left and askew intelligence, realism and rationalism.

Until that stone is found -- or Obama walks on water -- I'll assume there are at least a token number of naturalists who haven't fallen off the turnip truck.

To that end, I offer the following reasons why atheists should take a pro-active stance in supporting religious symbols on government property.

1. It's pro-constitutional.

Leftist have skewed the Constitution by misinterpreting the Establishment Clause as a endorsement clause. Distorting the original intent of the Constitution damages it by rendering the original intent ineffective  Furthermore, it sets a precedent for future distortions. We defend the Constitution by fighting the distortions.

2. It's a cultural symbol.

The nativity scene is analogous to the American flag in that it is a symbol of who we  are. There are those who don't like who we are. Why? Because they don't like who we were. These demented souls misunderstand America as a brutal, racist culture that colonized the planet to its detriment.

Truth is, the expansionism of the West, first led by Britain and then by America, was a powerful and positive influence. There is nowhere on the planet you can go without witnessing the positive influence of our culture. We have blessed the world's population with electric lights, vastly improved transportation, nutrition, substantial advancements in health care, wealth, etc.

Would I oppose a Muslim religious scene next to a nativity scene? Yes, I would. For the same reason I oppose a United Nation's flown with equal dignity to the American flag.

3. It's reasonable.

Seriously. I've never met an atheist who was required to seek psychiatric help after viewing the baby Jesus at the shopping mall. Those who make much ado about traditional religious displays being offensive are, in my humble opinion, often lying. Removing offensive displays is impossible. We would, of necessity, have to remove everything because something will always offend someone. And then, with everything removed, someone with find the absence of stuff offensive.

Atheists brand themselves as unreasonable when they oppose common sense.

4. It's enjoyable.

Participating in the joy of Christmas does not constitute endorsement. Go ahead. Try singing Away in A Manger or Silent Night. You don't have to believe the lyrics to appreciate the festivities.

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  1. Fortunately, most atheists disagree with such blatant Christian hegemony.

  2. Just because a religious premise is flawed doesn't mean that religion doesn't benefit both individual and society. If atheists were really more rational they would realize this. But they can't because they're driven by political psychology as per Haidt's "moral foundations" theory. In other words, they've replaced religion with radicalism.

    The following links are were written by professors from Harvard and Rutgers and they reference dozens of studies outlining the benefits of religion.