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December 6, 2012

California - A union in California went over the top by producing a video that depicted a rich guy peeing on the poor.

The video featured leftist loon and Hollywood icon, Ed Asner.

Meanwhile, in California, students at Berkeley University are demanding Salvation Army bell ringers be banned. Apparently the students don't like the religious spin on Christmas or, as they say, "holidays."

I haven't seen hard numbers, but I'm venturing a guess that the bell ringers are donating more money to help the poor than is Ed Asner, the unions he supports, and the unsettled students combined.

Pressing the Salvation Army to silence their bell ringer constitutes, in my mind, peeing on the poor.

What say you?

Berkeley students seek Christmas ban on Salvation Army bell ringers

Calif. union deletes video of rich urinating on poor; Narrator Ed Asner asks Fox producer, ‘Can I piss on you?

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