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December 18, 2012

"We have a problem."

The phrase echoes through the halls of Congress, into the dusty gray chambers of the Democratic Party headquarters, and seeps through the cracks of the fretting black media.

There's a negro on the lose!

Tim Scott, the South Carolina businessman and U.S. Congressman, is heading for the Senate.


On the surface, Scott is merely a black conservative Republican. That, alone, is cause for liberals to recoil in horror like vampires hiding behind their capes in view of tiny, silver amulets.

Not since Joe Biden led a lynch mob intent on stringing up Clarence Thomas has the lunatic left cowered beneath such fearful apprehension.

But there's more. The horror story takes a decidedly dastardly turn as liberals realize that Scott fits the perfect profile of a black man whooped and beaten by the scourge of white privilege.

Scott was raised in poverty by a single mom in the repressive South. By all accounts he should be a ward of the state, a pavement-pounding negro in search of a job in a world dominated by white bigots.

The life course of Scott is very different.

He didn't find it necessary to hold up a liquor store, deal drugs on the street corner, and suck up EBT funds to survive. He is not a ward of the state nor a member of the excessively black-male social-status club commonly referred to as the nation's prison population.

Black males who do such things -- and the guilt-laden white people who feel they are to blame -- can no longer use white racism as an excuse. It's a slippery slope, and the liberals are clinging with fingernails entrenched hoping -- PRAYING! -- that other Negros don't discover that the chains that bind them are nothing more than a social construct.

Scott proved -- horror of horrors -- that the stereotypical black male as projected by political 'progressives' is bunk, baloney and utter [enter expletive]. Scott not only participated in the white-innovated free market system, he thrived. This put-upon black kid rose from poverty to prosperity. His life defies the liberal lies and kicks the foundation out from under the propaganda that causes tears to swell in the eyes of liberals (when the news cameras are on) and guilt to grasp the souls of gullible white people.

Compounding their frustration is that fact that massive hordes of conservative whites are actually supporting a black Senator. The Tea Party's partiality for Herman Cain was dismissed as a fluke and its support of Congressman Allen West was ignored as a local stunt to sucker dumb black people. The world may discover that white conservatives don't own white robes and tall, pointy hats. Liberals may no longer be able to accuse of racism. Gasp! again.

Worrisome liberals fret that even a few black people may wise up to the scam. Heaven help us!

Scott possesses two qualities that set him apart from the stereotypes that liberals insist in imposing upon black males: First, he's intelligent. Second, he has character.

What's wrong with Tim Scott?

He's not only a black conservative Republican, he's a black man whose life disproves the liberal lies.

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  1. So now South Carolina has an Indian Governor and a Negro Senator, I bet all your southern grandaddies must be proud of how you new crackers have rolled over.