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December 12, 2012

Leanna Broderick isn't going to better herself with gainful employment. The black British welfare mom says she's money ahead living on the dole. Getting a minimum wage job, then deducting child care costs, just doesn't add up.
Leanna Broderick is making a career
of living on the dole.

That's how socialism works.

A Daily Mail article revealed that Broderick's two babies,  Zelekah, two, and Zakirah, one, will each receive 20 Christmas gifts that include a Blueberry and Ralph Lauren outfits. In all she plans to spend £2,000 on Christmas, or $3,228.

Broderick lives in a new two-bedroom "council flat"  in Croydon, South London. The apartment comes with a garden. That apartment, or flat as they say in Britain, is paid with her £111 weekly housing benefit ($178.99) – part of £1,290 ($2080.13) a month total claim. Of that she manages to set aside £250.00 ($403.13) per month for Christmas. [source]

Like water running downhill, human nature follows the path of least resistance. Socialist welfare systems divert that path and deter us in a less productive role. Truth is, every penny (or shilling) Broderick receives is earned income. The problem: It was earned by someone else. Because income represents labor, the welfare mom is 'stealing' the efforts of others who must make do with less to fund Broderick and her children's lifestyle.

Someone had to make the decision that wealth redistribution is a good idea -- not merely as a safety net to prevent dire poverty or to help neighbors through difficult times, but to fund a lifestyle not available to those who work at minimum wage, fund their own childcare, and spend less time with their children. Who is making those decisions and why do British voters keep them in office?

That question turns our heads towards the United States where the ObamaFare has become the law of the land and, as far we can project, will continue to erode our national economy exponentially from now until the nation splatters without recovery at the bottom of a fiscal and cultural cliff.

• Food stamps in America are growing at a rate 3 times faster than job creation. [source]
• Socialism begets fraud, as seen in the food stamp fraud case in Oregon. [source]
• The number of Americans using food stamps is at an all-time peak of 47.7 million [source]

The most telling indictment proving the failure of socialism can be seen in communities where it is rampant.

Detroit is the most notable example.

The 1967 riots compelled Detroit's productive class to flee to the suburbs, leaving the city in the hands of a criminal class that is dependent on the productive class for survival. That translates into wealth redistribution. The city that was once the jewel of free markets is now a massive wasteland. Detroit is projected to soon go bankrupt. It will be the largest American city to do so.

Only 54.3 percent of citizens eligible to work participate in the workforce. That is, they have jobs or are actively looking. 34.5% of the residents are on food stamps. The demise of the traditional family is also apparent. Only 9.2% of Detroit residents live in a household with two married parents and children living at home.

Detroit now spends $7.83 million more per month than it brings in.

Safety net programs that help adults get through rough patches have been successful, particularly when the beneficiaries were victims of circumstances beyond their control such as physical impairment. But as socialists become more generous with other people's money, the lure of making welfare a career seems more plausible to a greater number of people.

The tragedy is that Broderick's lifestyle is becoming the norm in America, where 'social justice' is the driving force that compels socialists to level the outcome of everyone except themselves.

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  1. I imagine at some point in the near future, maggots like this will find themselves homeless and destitute, because the productive in society are going to explode.

  2. It's way past time to end this madness. I've worked my entire live and have never been able to approach such lavish x-mas spending and gift giving. I swear some of these parasites believe the world revolves around them, damn it to hell with everyone else -they are entitled simply for being black. It makes me angry beyond words to describe.

  3. To Buckeyecopperhead:

    "Maggots" is correct.

  4. Working at a job, being proficient at reading, writing, and arithmetic, being married... that's "acting white" and only for Uncle Toms. Name a place where you can go and you will never ever see a woman like this - the correct answer is "a book store".

  5. Doesn't she have a cleaning lady, that has a minimum pay job? The cleaning lady can work to support this leech. I've never spent that kind of money on Christmas and my wife and I are doing pretty well with two kids. She's setting up her two kids to be sponges, as well. The Brits are insane to put up with this, but then again, I guess that's what Obama plans for us.